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17-Nov-2021 - 17-Nov-2021

Münchensteinerstrasse 41, Basel, Basel-Stadt, 4052, Switzerland

This course offers a perfect introduction to understanding the complex process of drug development, the most relevant tasks and responsibilities within the clinical research setting, the regulations, terminology and acronyms.
Introduction to Clinical Research

Münchensteinerstrasse 41, Basel, Basel-Stadt, 4052, Switzerland

In modern global pharmaceutical companies it is becoming increasingly important for non-statisticians to understand the value and application of statistics in order to maximise the value of the data. This course is designed for professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry with no or little previous knowledge of statistics. It will focus on understanding the basic statistical concepts, interpreting output and discussing how the knowledge can be applied and integrated efficiently into the job role. 
Clinical Statistics for Non-Statisticians: Everything you need to know - in a day

Münchensteinerstrasse 41, Basel, Basel-Stadt, 4052, Switzerland

The aim of this training workshop is to ensure you gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools and techniques of project management and clinical trial management and how they can be applied straight away to your own clinical research projects in the workplace.
Project Management for Clinical Trials

Münchensteinerstrasse 41, Basel, Basel-Stadt, 4052, Switzerland

This course is ideal for anyone requiring an overview of the EU Clinical Trial Regulation and changes for EU trials. It will provide essential understanding to help with compliance with the new Regulation and associated implementing acts and other texts for carrying out clinical trials in the EU.
Overview of the New EU Clinical Trial Regulation

Grasp the meaning, concepts, terminology, methodologies and research techniques of Real World Evidence (RWE) in the context of optimising Market Access - Know what each stakeholder type expects from RWE, which key data to use and how to develop a successful RWE study – Learn how to incorporate RWE into the product pre-launch process. Why You Should Attend RWE is now a critical area of expertise in pharmaceutical companies, engaging various functions such as HEOR, Medical Affairs, R&D and Commercial. There are many challenges in the process of successfully implementing RWE. Executives participating in this open-enrollment course will contribute much more effectively in the cross-functional organisation that RWE requires. The Content: The course covers the basics required to un…
Online Course: Generating RWE for Optimising Market Access by Dr. Paul Craddy & Dr. Graham Foxon

Learn the evidence-based concepts, models and techniques that work best to forecast the sales of pharmaceuticals – Know how to build Market Access into your forecasts – Learn to distinguish reliable from bad forecasts and how to forecast cost-effectively – Get practice with an Excel-based forecasting tool that integrates all the techniques taught. Why You Should Attend With every major business decision in pharma being based on a sales forecast, it is imperative that you know how to forecast (and challenge forecasts) accurately. Therefore, the focus of this course is on teaching the concepts, techniques and approaches which have been proven to work best for pharmaceuticals.  The Content: Unlike other forecasting courses, this programme teaches a multitude of modelling techniques&…
Online Course: The Pharma Forecasting Course by Gary Johnson

Understand what HTA really means and the key decision-making processes of HTA in the EU – Learn the optimal HTA process and which criteria for assessment should be applied – Discover multiple solutions for optimising the quality of the evidence. Why You Should Attend Health Technology Assessments in the EU are rapidly and continuously evolving. Most countries have their own HTA body with a different level of maturity and different views on how the HTA process should be conducted – combine this with the multiple EU wide organisations and stakeholders also involved and the situation can become very complex! The Content: With this challenge in mind, The Health Technology Assessment Course is designed to grasp the fundamentals of HTA and to give you an up-to-date overv…
Online Course: The Health Technology Assessment Course by Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans

Understand key financial and accounting terminology for licensing deals – Anticipate the financial/accounting implications of your decisions when assessing and negotiating licensing deals - Avoid the pitfalls caused by a lack of financial acumen in pharmaceutical licensing. Why You Should Attend The Content: Most BusDev & Licensing executives in pharma, biotech or medtech companies have little understanding of accounting implications of the deals they are working on. As a result, when the deals are signed, the accounting treatment is often contrary to what was expected by the executives. By attending this course, you will be well equipped to pre-determine the accounting treatment to ensure there are no surprises post-deal signing. The Expert: As Roche’s former Head of Account…
Online Course: Financial Acumen for Executives in Pharma-Biotech-Medtech Licensing by Michelle I Olufeso

This virtual course is designed for those working/interacting with vendors to deliver your clinical trials. How do you ensure you manage them to optimise your clinical trial delivery? What is required for compliant vendor oversight? What could put you at risk of inspection findings? Do you require a governance system with your vendors? How should you implement this for your outsourcing model and how will it add value? What is the best approach to maintain healthy business relationships when outsourcing? How do you drive performance transparency through use of metrics?
Virtual Classroom (2x half-day modules): Effective Vendor Management and Vendor Oversight in Clinical Research

Master the critical success factors of a commercial drug launch: Selecting the right launch type – A structured roadmap – The critical market insights you need to gain in pre-launch phases – Identifying leverage points along the patient journey – Defining and prioritising customer segments - Designing the most effective omni-channel strategy and plan. Why You Should Attend In the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have seen rapid changes in the market environment for their new brand launches. While austerity measures in many countries are increasing local and national hurdles for market access, drug launches are becoming more numerous, smaller, and more competitive. It has never been more important for pharmaceutical companies to crack the art of launching new products. YOU ONLY CAN DO…
Online Course: Strategy & Planning for Commercial Launch Success in Pharma by Kurt Arco & Leen Helsloot

Learn how to design a digital marketing strategy for your brand, therapeutic area or company that integrates into the whole marketing mix – Grasp the full power and trends of all digital tactics in pharma – Learn how, and when, to select the appropriate tactics, optimise the mix and how to measure their business impact. Why You Should Attend The Content: This course not only provides you with an explanation behind concepts, tactics and trends, but more importantly, it discusses the integration of digital in the overall business strategy and marketing plans. The course also examines the perspective of the customer and other stakeholders and uses multiple, real, best-practice cases to bring the theory to life. The Expert: Our experts, Vladimir Rogiers and Jan Keuppens, not only hav…
Online Course: The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course by Jan Keuppens & Vladimir Rogiers

Understand the terminology, tools, models and argumentation used in cost-effectiveness studies/articles – Learn to distinguish good from bad ones – Know how HECON studies should be integrated into clinical & marketing plans – Understand how payers assess and use HECON evaluations Why You Should Attend The Content: This health economics course not only provides you with an explanation of concepts and methods, it also discusses the integration of health economic evaluations in clinical development and brand marketing plans (with practical examples), as well as the perspective of the decision maker - including examples of successful applications of health economic evaluations. The Expert: Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans not only has a wide international experience…
Online Course: Health Economics for Non-Health-Economists by Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans

Learn the different payer archetype systems that offer useful patterns in payer decision making and an insightful structure in Europe’s highly fragmented payer landscape – Grasp the structure and know the key stakeholders of the major European healthcare systems – Understand the contribution of other functions in the process of gaining optimal access Why You Should Attend The Content: Throughout the industry, optimising market access is often viewed as a responsibility of the market access departments alone, while in fact the optimal outcome will depend on a cross-functional effort as of phase II. That is why it is absolutely necessary that internal stakeholders in non-market access functions grasp the fundamentals and understand how their function, and in particular their decisions r…
Online Course: Understanding Market Access & Payers in Europe by Dr. Nick Proctor

This comprehensive course will introduce you to the core concepts of what makes an excellent leader in the pharmaceutical industry – and how to apply the different skills of leading your staff or team to maximise results. You will become competent and familiar in a range of well-recognised leadership techniques, which you will then go on to use on a daily basis when you return to the workplace, enabling you to perform at a higher level.
Virtual Classroom: Leadership Skills for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Professionals

Be able to decide on the best deal type for products in R&D – Know what to include in CDAs, MTAs and term sheets – Learn how to prepare product information and how to find potential partners – Know how to calculate the value of your product and optimise the deal structure. Why You Should Attend The Content: This course is designed to provide delegates with all the practical skills needed to out-license a development based product.  The course is hard work but fulfilling and covers all the main aspects of licensing. It comes along with useful templates for future activities, including a spreadsheet to calculate optimal deal values. The Expert: David Scott is well-respected in the pharmaceutical licensing world and is actively in- and out-licensing products for clients in…
Online Course: The Pharmaceutical Out-licensing Course by David Scott

Münchensteinerstrasse 41, Basel, Basel-Stadt, 4052, Switzerland

The definition of Market Access is the process to ensure that the right patients who would benefit from a medication, get rapid and maintained access to the medication, at the right time. These days, both clinical effectiveness and ‘value for money’ are essential and pharma companies must navigate an increasingly complex re-imbursement landscape to make sure the product reaches the patients for whom it is intended. This course is especially useful to those who want to know what Market Access really is!
Virtual Classroom: Understanding Pharma Market Access

Prepare for patent expiry with a winning LCM plan for established brands – Know which drivers of differentiation can be used – Learn where, when and how to compete in a generic world using late stage LCM strategies & tactics – Learn how to make portfolio management decisions for mature brands. Why You Should Attend The Content: This is the only public course entirely focused on LCM in the later stages of a pharmaceutical's lifecycle. The content is based on the expertise Dr. Neal Hansen built through his numerous consulting assignments for pharma companies in the area of LCM, which culminated in a book he co-authored with Dr Tony Ellery (ex-Novartis): Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management - Making the Most of Each and Every Brand published by Wiley and Sons in mid-2012. Ne…
Online Course: Late Stage Pharma Lifecycle Management by Dr. Neal Hansen