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Advances in Translational Research for CNS Diseases

Advances in Translational Research for CNS Diseases


Learn about new methods and innovative tools to help you with your translational research.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

As you know, translational research is a crucial bridge between pre-clinical and clinical trials for CNS diseases.  Its value is determined by how well it can map a drug’s physiological effects and predict the likelihood that it will be successful in clinical trials.  Consequently, the better and more precise the translational research, the more money will be saved during drug development and the quicker a drug can successfully reach market.

            Since translational research is bi-directional in nature, working from the laboratory to the clinic, and from the clinic back to the laboratory, it is inherently collaborative.  To help foster these collaborations and provide practical tools and techniques to improve translation research Pharmaceutical Education Associates is proud to present “Advances in Translational Research for CNS Diseases.”