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Alzheimer’s Disease Market analysis and forecasts

Alzheimer’s Disease Market analysis and forecasts


Alzheimer disease (AD) is the third leading cause of death in recent times and with an unprecedented patient potential, this disease area attracts awareness from a broad base of stake holders. With the grey population being the single most influencial factor in driving the economic growth within this sector, Visiongain believes the real market of the AD industry still remains untapped.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

Over the past decade the AD market has been flagged by a quartet of approved pharmacological agents; acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors (AchEIs), N-methyl D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonists and other non-AD specific therapeutics for management of comorbidities. The AchEIs comprise products from some of the leading larger pharmaceutical companies;
• Esia/Pfizer’s Aricept (Donepizel)
• Novartis Exelon (Rivagstigmine) and
• Shire/J&J’s Razadyne (galantamiune) previously Reminyl and recent entrant a non-AchEI
• NMDA receptor antagonist Mementine, marketed in the US by Forest as Nemanda and in EU as Ebixa by Lundbeck Mementine
However, all the listed drugs only elicited modest clinical benefits in treating the various stages of the AD. In addition, the UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) decision not to place the drugs on the NHS for reimbursement generated major controversy across the larger markets, only to affect the potential revenue growth on the major drugs particularly in the UK, one of the significant markets.
What questions does the report answer?
• Which regions have the highest prevalence of AD diseases today and by 2050?
• Do you know the cost of AD across the larger markets?
• Who are the market leaders in this class of therapy?
• What market share was accounted for by the quartet of AD drugs in the major markets?
• Do you know the magnitude of the controversy generated by NICE’s, as it deems the major drugs not cost-effective on the NHS?
• Do you know how much the AD market will be worth by Q4 of 2007 and its potential value by 2012, 2017 and 2022?
• Which first line drugs will be coming off patent by 2012 and what are the economic implications to the market?
• Do you know which drugs have been withdrawn from the neurodegenerative market?
• Which molecules are currently in the AD pipelines that are deemed to answer unmet therapeutic needs in the future?
Revenues of the only approved AD drugs across the major markets (US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) totaled over $3 billion in 2006, with revenues expected to exceed $5 billion by 2012. By 2014, Visiongain anticipates that, all the AD approved therapies will come of patents in the major markets signaling a potential genericisation of the AD market.
With looming patient potential over the major products, Visiongain’s market analysis forecast a-to- be lucrative era during the mid-term of our forecast where we believe, the sector will see the penetration of highly innovative AD products presently in late-phase clinical studies into the AD arena, only heralded by modest therapies, as opposed to the large outcry for highly effective drugs complimented by value for money by inter-country healthcare regulatory authorities.
With country-by-country focus on the markets of:
- US
- UK
- Germany
- Japan
- France
- Italy
- Spain
This report includes detailed five-year forecasts over the period 2007-2012, and NOW features 10 and 15 year forecasts to help you understand the medium-term prospects for these markets.
Why You Must Buy This Report:
This report features tables, graphs and charts, news, insights, the past and present developments in Market. This report will provide you with the complete understanding of the demand for a shift from modest therapies to highly efficacious drugs for the treatment of AD. Amongst the catalogue of products in the AD pipeline is the insurgence of the highly anticipated Anti Beta-Amyloid Therapies, a treatment against beta-amyloid plaque formation the hallmark of AD. This area of research including Biomarkers has generated a high level of interest from; top-tier companies, the major players in the AD circle and niche companies alike.
This visiongain report is the single tool to equip you with the latest trends in all regional markets and why all (stakeholders) demand a new generation of drugs to improve the quality of live suffers of AD and their caregivers. Visiongain recommends this astute report to the major players in the field as it will arm you with the clinical challenges that larger companies face to date, thus the rising inherent cost of R&D expenditure to in order meet the requirements set by major regulatory authorities for larger evidence of clinical data before any authorisation.
When you buy this report, you will also get an understanding, through our overview; of how present changes in Governmental Pharmaceutical Policies with respect to cost-cutting coupled with re/no imbursement has had consequential impact on the AD market products in the 7MM. The Alzheimer’s Disease Market Analysis & Forecasts 2007-2022 report is a must buy, because it presents in-depth and unbiased financial analysis for the near-term, medium-term and the long-term, market dynamics. When you buy the Visiongain 2007 MS report, you will be buying current and vital information on the vast array of compounds in pipeline that are marked for potential success in the long-term treatment of AD.
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