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Career in Medical Communications: Integrated versus Individual

Career in Medical Communications: Integrated versus Individual


Medical communications provide professional, valuable marketing solutions to pharmaceutical companies, incorporating; writing, design, multimedia, conferences and events and more.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

Medical communications provide professional, valuable marketing solutions to pharmaceutical companies, incorporating; writing, design, multimedia, conferences and events and more.

Working with top level pharmaceutical company executives, high profile doctors and lecturers, the job of the medical communications specialist is to inform, educate and increase awareness of diseases and medicines within the healthcare community to help drive improved patient care.

Adventis Health is one of a number of medical communications agencies that offers an integrated service with advertising, PR, Medical Education and digital media all available in house.

For the Client there is a tremendous benefit thanks to the total involvement of all the agency communication disciplines, leading to a consistent approach that is adaptable across different media.

Also, by having the full array of advertising, PR and medical communication tools readily available from the outset, more opportunities can be identified and more relevant strategies can be deployed.

Ultimately the integrated agency offering provides Clients with greater levels of flexibility and with a high degree of cost-effectiveness.

According to Kevin McGetrick, Managing Director, of Adventis Health, who has recently completed a challenging brief for a new pan-European communication project:

"Time and time again we reap the benefits of forming a multidisciplinary team, using all available communication tools to their best effect. It provides greater levels of adaptability and both our time and our Client’s money are saved."

From an employee perspective the benefits of an integrated communications agency, versus an individual specialist are equally rewarding.

Diana Ribeiro joined Adventis Health two years ago as an Account Executive for the advertising division.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working in such a young, dynamic environment, surrounded by ambitious and enthusiastic individuals. It really keeps you focussed and keen to give more than is expected of you.

I was checking some copy for a patient information leaflet we were producing and decided to search and compose a highlighted reference pack. It was far more technical and detailed than was required but bought my work to the attention of the medical education specialists in the Agency.

Some months later when an opening came up with the medical education team it was a natural transition for me to move across from advertising and I was promoted to Scientific Services Associate. I am now in a role ideally suited to my own individual skill sets but still put my advertising artwork and design knowledge to good use from time to time.2

And Diana is not alone. Rob Harrison is head of Adventis’ digital media offering. Charting as he does an exhilarating course through cyberspace he finds working on a day-to-day basis alongside print media guys an invaluable reminder of the strengths of their media too:

"Arriving to discuss with a Client their newest campaign, it seems perfectly natural that we should be talking about a combined print and web campaign where we introduce the project through printed mailers and sales aids, then lead their customers through to a dedicated website to deliver engaging content and track every metric."

With the combination of different talents, the ability to exchange and co-ordinate ideas across all the different disciplines, it is hardly surprising that integrated communication agencies, like Adventis Health are growing rapidly. They are therefore constantly on the look out for dynamic, ambitious and enthusiastic individuals as writers, account handlers, project managers and programmers. If you would like to find out more contact to hear how you could advance your career in medical communications.