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Antibody Prediction Services are available for the purposes of improving antibody developability prediction, antibody aggregation prediction, antibody immunogenicity prediction, etc. This paper gives detailed information about the services regarding advanced technologies and methods adopted.
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About Creative Biolabs


Firstly started up at the beginning of 21 century in New York, USA, Creative Biolabs was set up by a group of biological scientists who are devoted to the development of antibodies. Aiming at facilitating drug or scientific research, high-tech antibody maturation platforms (i.e. PreciAb™), comprehensive antibody design services (i.e. Epitope-specific Antibody Design) and advanced technologies are provided. For more than 10 years of exploration and expansion, it is now regarded as the leading provider with services for assisting people or companies in need in areas of scientific research and medical R & D. throughout the world, including <a href="">antibody aggregation prediction</a>, Antibody Developability Prediction and Antibody Immunogenicity Prediction.



  1. Major services interrelated to antibody developability prediction:

Very up-to-date in silico analysis methods are adopted for the <a href="">antibody developability assessment</a>.

  • In the process of Fv domains analysis, technological methods are utilized to determine N-glycosylation sites in the Fv domains, and products of heterogeneity with Fv glycosylation. The results corresponding are instrumental for producing relative therapeutic antibodies.
  • With Lysine Glycation Sites Analysis service, through a structural model, the exposed lysine residues in the vicinity of suitable acidic residues can be searched and hence Glycation hotspots can be predicted, of which the result helps with analysis of Glycoprotein substance.
  • Creative Biolabs offers Isoelectric Point and Charge Distribution Analysis for the antibody developability prediction service. And a more vivid result can be obtained through 3D homology facilitated structure-based method.
  • A hot-spot prediction method demonstrating sharply increasing rates is established by scientists, which is capable of providing a convenient and quick way to assess drug candidates.
  • Approaches of predicting the potential immunogenicity of drug have been tried and proved practicable with models like in silico, in vitro, and in vivo, etc.



  1. Major services interrelated to antibody aggregation prediction:

Services of <a href="">antibody aggregation analysis</a> are available here based upon advanced platform FoldX, TANGO, etc.

  • Aiming at measuring thermodynamic stability to decide whether it is a structural or critical APR, FoldX is utilized, which is capable of removing the free energy caused by protein structure folding. With the help of provided complete prediction services for antibody aggregation, successfully developing and manufacturing new antibodies for specific purposes e. therapeutic or scientific research become operational.
  • TANGO, a statistical thermodynamic algorithm designed for the purpose of evaluating the presence of APRs, has the virtue of predicting APRs with specific clear sequence boundaries, which in other words, makes APRs easily to be distinguished from residues.



  1. Major services interrelated to antibody immunogenicity prediction:

The <a href="">antibody immunogenicity</a> refers to the ability of specific substances, such as antigens or epitopes to elicit immune responses in human and other animals, and has always been an obstacle during the protein drug therapy. Creative Biolabs builds a technology platform targeting at an accurate evaluation of the protein’s T-cell epitope content, which is also capable of measuring the immune potential of protein therapeutic effect. Services targeting at <a href="">antibody epitope prediction</a>, generally divided into T-cell Epitope Prediction, B-cell Epitope Prediction, De-immunization, are served.

  • As for T-cell epitope prediction, EpiMatrix method provided by Creative Biolabs works in systematic steps and can help to make comparison among scores of 9-mer across multiple HLA alleles and ultimately is able to compare the prediction of immunogenicity globally.
  • On the side of B-cell Epitope Prediction, in silicotools like 3DEX and CEP can predict B-cell epitopes under complicated conditions, even with antigen interactions. De-immunization method is a novel technique that combines immunology and molecular biology to locate and remove T-cell epitopes, which is developed for simulating T-cell. A series of in silico techniques used for disruption of HLA binding can be found at Creative Biolabs.



With years of efforts in providing professional antibody manufacturing services & products, Creative Biolabs struggles to a pioneering position, always receiving high appraisal globally. In order to meet the special experimental requirements of clients, we also have other professional platforms and services regarding antibodies. For more detailed products & services information, please visit