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CRO Industry Analytical Report


The UK currently accounts for the country with the highest volume of Contract Research Organization (CRO) vacancies in Europe. In this CRO report, our partners Vacancysoft have based the data from a total of 15,702 vacancies in the period between May 2015 and April 2017.
Last Updated: 12-Jun-2017

Clinical Professionals Industry Analytical Reports regularly review the life science industry, giving unique insight into the current trends.

At Clinical Professionals we aim to be aware of the latest industry events and news whilst also aspiring to be at the forefront of the latest analysis and reporting.

This enables us to provide concise and top notch quality service for both our clients and our candidates. Whilst helping the industry to evolve and progress as a whole.

Consequently Clinical Professionals are happy to announce that we have collaborated with Vacancysoft to create monthly reports that provide an in depth analysis of vacancies across various sectors, countries and companies.

These reports also aim to bring insight into how the Life Science industry progresses, by identifying new and upcoming job roles, areas and locations that are becoming more prominent due to higher frequency of vacancies.

Not only do the reports allow for Clinical Professionals to respond proactively to the demand but it also aids clients in their business development strategies.