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Don’t work hard, work smart!

Don’t work hard, work smart!


Don’t work hard, work smart!
Last Updated: 28-Sep-2018
In recent years there has been loads of talk about strategic partnerships. And whilst some organisations feel hesitant to partner with clients too closely for fear of putting all their eggs into the same basket, it can actually be quite beneficial if done smartly.

I would like to go even further – strategic partnerships can become an independent service offering to our clients!

With the evolution of talent acquisition over the last 10-15 years, gone are the days when we worked directly with the hiring manager who could make all their hiring decisions alone, sign T&Cs and take our candidate through the entire recruitment process in 2 days…. We now all work through centralised, metrics-monitored, cost conscious, report producing MSPs, RPOs and VMS solutions that help our clients to understand how much they spend and who they spend with – so hiring managers don’t spend a portion of their day fending off unwanted calls.

But what does that mean and how do we get the best out of our relationships with clients?

Well, imagine that you and your business would be able to share and utilise the expertise of industry contacts you don’t have in-house. You will be able to leverage existing and new customers with your partners and as a result, both parties will be able to win more customers and expand to new markets and vertical offerings! In using each other’s experience and resources, both organisations can benefit by increasing brand awareness and adding value to their respective clients.

In the words of Henry Ford – “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. And this is very much our focus here at SRG.