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Dyselxia Awareness Week

Dyselxia Awareness Week


Recent reports state that between four and five percent of the population suffer from Dyslexia. It is estimated that there are about 375,000 pupils in the UK with dyslexia and a total of some two million people who are severely affected. Yet it still can be difficult for parents to find the right help for their children.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

Raising awareness about the needs of Dyslexic people will be one of the themes of the Dyslexia Awareness Week, which runs from 3th- 9th November. As part of the campaign, Need2Know are promoting their popular book, Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties - A Parent’s Guide.

This informative guide takes parents step-by-step through diagnosis, treatment, education and into career options. Up-to-the-minute facts and practical advice will help parents to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with their child, communicate with teachers and others in authority, and choose the right education from among the options. Issues such as assessing your child’s rights and legal matters are covered in detail.

Author, Maria Chivers, a mother of two dyslexic children and the founder of the Swindon Dyslexia Centre, knows the heartache and frustration experienced by parents of children with learning difficulties. ‘Parents are often at the end of their tether when they call for help. In many cases if they asked for advice from the right people earlier, the problems could be sorted out much more quickly.

‘This book is written in an easy-to-follow format. It aims to point you in the right direction in order to get the appropriate help and support in the quickest possible time, avoiding the sense of failure for the child and the pain and frustration for you - the parents.’

Many learning difficulties, once identified, can be overcome. If your child has, or you suspect they might have, learning difficulties, this essential guide gives you the facts you need to take action.

If you are planning to publish a feature for Dyslexia Awareness Week, Need2Know would be happy to send you a copy of Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties. Quotations can be lifted from the book, as long as we are fully credited. The author will also be available for interview and to provide further information.

Published by Need2Know – the imprint of People’s Publisher Forward Press that focuses on overcoming real life problems - Dyslexia - A Parent’s Guide is part of the Need2Know series, and is available from Amazon
A Parent's Guide to Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties (Need2Know)