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Every Hiring Manager Should Read This

Every Hiring Manager Should Read This


Every Hiring Manager Should Read This
Last Updated: 06-Mar-2018

A few simple points that every hiring manager should keep in mind!

Talent Does Not Grow on Trees – Every candidate has choices

Hurry Up! – Each candidate WILL be talking to multiple companies, so if you’re not quick off the mark, you’ll miss the best candidates!

Job Scope Creep – If you’re replacing someone who’s been in the role for 10 years, locating a candidate with the same skills is going to be hard. Break down the job in to multiple roles.

Compensation – It’s not determined by your 10 year old pay & benefits structure, its determined by the market – Otherwise you’ll find attracting talent will be an uphill struggle.

Skills Shortage – Don’t bury your head in the sand, there IS a shortage of good candidates, so employer branding programs, attractive employee value propositions, defined career paths, competitive compensation packages and creative sourcing are all a “must”, not a “nice to have”.

Cultural Fit – Create competency profiles based on the top performers in your organization, and use them when searching for candidates. It will make recruitment easier, and you’ll get better results in the end. Cultural fit is more important than ever.

Employer Reputation – Don’t think that Googling a candidate to see if he’s a good fit is a one way thing. He’ll be doing the same with your organisation, so if your employer brand is not so good (or non existent!), you’ll struggle to attract the best.

If you want to attract and retain the best, you have to be quick and make an attractive offer, and make the move worth their while. Focus on the above list to make your recruiting work.