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Healthcare CFO’s V-tach on Obama’s Healthcare Reform

Healthcare CFO’s V-tach on Obama’s Healthcare Reform


Urgent meetings are being held by the financial leaders of American Healthcare companies in the wake of Obama’s Healthcare Reform being passed 219 – 212 in the House of Representatives.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

The introduction of this policy heralds a transformation in the fabric of American society, and the way U.S citizens receive medical care has suddenly been revolutionalised in a direction which healthcare CFO’s cannot afford to ignore.

Obama himself states: “[It] answers the prayers of every American who has hoped deeply for something to be done about a healthcare system that works for insurance companies, but not for ordinary people.”

As miraculous as this sounds, the campaigns against the bill have been vehement, and during these unstable economic times not everyone is content with Obama’s changes. CFO’s need to strategize together to implement a plan that ensures the successful revenue cycle of their organizations. Industry leaders such as Vince Schmidt SVP and CFO of Multicare Health System, Mark Spafford CFO and VP of Health Management Associates, Robert Booth CFO of Summit Medical Group, and Larry Dupper CFO of Valley View Hospital are attending a series of closed door meetings at the ‘CFO Healthcare Summit US 2010’ (Ran by GDS International) in Arizona to discuss at this illustrious occurrence what action needs to be taken, and how.

A spokesman for the Consortium of Executives chairing the CFO Healthcare Summit said, “ I think most CFO’s feel thrown in at the deep end like never before. It is sink or swim, and we need a consistent approach to tackle these difficulties, so this meeting is a crucial step forward for the American Healthcare industry as a whole.”

Obama’s greatest allies and fiercest critics await the outcome of the ‘CFO Healthcare Summit US 2010’ with baited breath, as not only the financial future of the American Healthcare system will be decided, but also the sagacity of the bill which Obama fought so hard to win will be revealed.