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How an Artist and Digital Expert Combined became a Competitions International Business Finalist

How an Artist and Digital Expert Combined became a Competitions International Business Finalist


How an Artist and Digital Expert Combined became a Competitions International Business Finalist
Last Updated: 20-Jun-2016

The Medical Stock Images Company only launched its website, in April this year, so it’s still in its infancy. Running the business is creative professional and Medical Artist, Joanna Culley, alongside her husband and business partner Tim Butler who is an expert in digital marketing. Together, this forward thinking couple and their business plan for selling art and illustrations have been selected as finalists for an International Business Award, called ‘Open to Export’

The Medical Stock Images Company’s business model is the perfect crossover of digital business expertise and an artists’ skills. Joanna is a leading medical artist who has very successfully been providing highly detailed anatomical medical illustrations using Photoshop. This has been for clients as varied as the NHS to US plastic surgeons. The purpose of the Medical Stock Images eCommerce website will be to sell images like these, on a rights managed basis. It also incorporates a sophisticated search function on the website with data filters, allowing users to quickly and easily find the most relevant images to them. The MSIC is not just about Joanna’s medical art, it also includes the work of qualified medical illustrators and artists from across the UK, Europe and North America, and will act as a marketplace from which businesses and organisations can license quality medical illustrations created by anatomically trained artists.

The Medical Stock Images Company’s entire business plan is export orientated and its intention as an eCommerce site is to sell top quality stock medical images for commercial use. Having identified North America as its primary initial target market, their business plan is to supply a digital creative product where distance isn’t a barrier to trade.

From the thousands of businesses that are members of the Open to Export organization, they selected only 10 finalists to present on stage. To be held at the prestigious International Festival of Business for its ‘Open to Export Action Plan Competition’ on the 30th of June in Liverpool. As a part of those 10 finalists, Tim was chosen to represent The Medical Stock Images Company, in which he will have only 10 minutes to present their business and export plan in the most engaging way possible to heads of business across the UK, after which, they will be subject to 5 minutes of intense questioning by an expert judging panel.

The business has been working intensely with UKTI on their Passport to Export programme throughout its development. John Goldsbrough of UKTI said of The Medical Stock Images Company:
“It is these innovative, knowledge based businesses that can really drive UK export potential. The creative sector has always been very strong in the UK and this business gives a fantastic marketplace to this niche sector.”

The MSIC welcomes any qualified medical artist or photographer and encourages those who wish to enquire about selling their own image catalogue on a potentially internationally winning business.

Find out more information on the website –, and if you want more information about Open to Export, visit –

You can see further examples of Joanna Culley’s medical artwork at and