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Liva Healthcare appoints Dr Naresh Kanumilli to power innovation in diabetes digital health coaching


Dr Naresh Kanumilli has been appointed as UK Medical Director for Liva Healthcare. He will lead on Liva's medical research, as well as working with Liva's major clients on medical services. Dr Naresh is very well known in the diabetes community for his work on improving primary care, especially for people with type 2 diabetes. His motto is "no medication without education".
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Editor: Lewis Oakley Last Updated: 20-Oct-2021

Liva Healthcare (Liva), a European market leader in scalable digital health coaching, has appointed Dr Naresh Kanumilli as its new UK Medical Director. Leading the medical supervision of Liva in the UK, Dr Kanumilli will be responsible for liaising with Liva’s major clients on medical services. Liva has been proven to drive substantial clinical outcomes within obesity, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and going forward, Dr Kanumilli will also lead on defining and executing medical research as well as studies into the clinical outcomes of the digital health coaching programmes.  


Dr Kanumilli is a well-known clinical leader in the field of diabetes treatment and management. He has contributed to an extensive number of scientific studies on the topic, as well as being a tireless public advocate for better diabetes education. As a practicing GP, he has extensive knowledge of the everyday lifestyle challenges with which the Liva programme supports people. In his role as NHS Diabetes Network Lead (Greater Manchester & East Cheshire) Dr Kanumilli has been particularly focused on the development of services and protocols to improve the outcomes for people with diabetes. This makes him the ideal candidate for the UK medical director role.  


Dr Naresh Kanumilli, UK Medical Director at Liva Healthcare, comments:  

“In over a decade of treating and managing diabetes, I have always held the strong belief, that sustainable lifestyle changes can have a significant effect in changing the outcomes for people living with diabetes, not just physically but also psychologically. But the sad truth is that too many people don’t have access to the education and support to make these changes. This means that more and more people are developing type 2 diabetes.”  


“Remote and digital health services, when backed up by the expertise of healthcare professionals, are a game changer for diabetes management and prevention. I am delighted to now be working with Liva to further develop their digital health coaching services and help improve health, wellbeing, and quality of life for many people across the UK and abroad,” says Dr Kanumilli. 


André Sode, CEO at Liva Healthcare, adds:  

“Dr Kanumilli is an excellent addition to our team. He brings a wealth of medical insight and practical experience to the role. Both of these qualities will be essential in helping Liva to assess and optimise our digital health coaching programmes and services, improving the lives of people living with diabetes and prediabetes throughout Europe. As a highly respected player in the diabetes field, he also embodies Liva’s dedication to quality, innovation, thoroughness, and careful consideration.”