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Pharma Job Interview Preparation Checklist

Pharma Job Interview Preparation Checklist


To help you prepare for your next pharma job interview, we’ve put together this list of 36 questions to ask yourself prior to the interview, with ways to prepare for both in-person and virtual job interviews.
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Editor: Lucy Walters Last Updated: 11-Feb-2022

Download the checklist here.

About the Interview

[  ] Do you know who your interview is with?

[  ] Have you done some research on your interviewer(s)?

[  ] Do you know where the interview is taking place? Is it in-person or virtual?

[  ] Do you know how long the interview is for?

[  ] Do you know the format of the interview? E.g., is it a one-to-one, panel interview, assessment centre, or presentation?

[  ] Have you researched and rehearsed some commonly asked interview questions?

[  ] Have you prepared some questions of your own to ask the interviewer?

[  ] Have you read over your CV and other supporting documents you submitted during the application process? Can you talk about everything that’s on them?

[  ] Do you have an elevator pitch ready to introduce yourself?

In-Person Interviews

[  ] Have you practiced travelling to where the interview is taking place?

[  ] Have you planned out your journey to the interview (e.g., programmed the address into your sat nav, booked public transport, etc.)?

[  ] If you’re driving to the interview, do you know where you need to park?

[  ] Do you know what you need to bring to the interview?

[  ] Do you know where to report to on the day and who to ask for when you arrive?

[  ] Do you have an outfit ready to wear?

[  ] If you’re taking a brag file, is it up to date? Is everything in there relevant for this interview?

[  ] Do you have a spare copy of your CV printed out?

Remote Interviews

[  ] Have you got all the links/passwords you need to access the interview?

[  ] Do you have a device you can use for the interview? If not, do you know where you can borrow one?

[  ] Have you downloaded any software you need for the interview (e.g., Zoom, Teams, etc.)?

[  ] Have you tested out your camera and microphone?

[  ] Have you tested your internet connection?

[  ] Have you got an appropriate space to do your interview?

[  ] If you don’t have an appropriate natural background for the interview, do you have a virtual background saved and ready to use?

About the Industry

[  ] Are you keeping up to date with current industry news, trends, opportunities, and challenges?

[  ] Can you explain why you want to work in the industry?

[  ] Can you identify the company’s competitors? Are you aware of what they’re currently working on?

About the Role

[  ] Can you explain the purpose of the role, and do you fully understand its responsibilities?

[  ] Have you reached out to people in a similar role to gain additional understanding?

[  ] Are you prepared to explain why you were drawn to this role, and why you think you’d excel in it?

[  ] Have you done some research on the average salaries for this role/do you have a salary in mind ready for negotiations?

About the Company

[  ] Can you explain what the company does as well as its mission and values?

[  ] Can you explain what the company culture is like?

[  ] Have you done plenty of research on the company beyond their ‘About us’ page, including their social media pages, client/customer/product lists, news, and company reviews?

[  ] Have you reached out to people already working in the company to gain additional insight?

[  ] Are you prepared to explain why you want to work for the company and why you think you’d be a good fit?

Are You Ready?

If you can’t answer some or most of these questions, then you might want to consider doing some extra research and preparation for your interview. Here are some additional resources to get you started:

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