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Planning Your Appraisal

Planning Your Appraisal


The end of year appraisal is something that many people dread, some people think that it is a complete waste of time and while others actually look forward to it. Which one of the previous descriptions fits you the best?
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

The end of year appraisal is something that many people dread, some people think that it is a complete waste of time and while others actually look forward to it. Which one of the previous descriptions fits you the best?

If you and your manager have been having regular contact during 2005 then your end of year appraisal should have no surprises in it. It is a time that you can sparkle if you have put enough effort into your work over the proceeding year. The appraisal interview should be quality time that you have with your manager when you can revisit your successes and achievements from the previous year. It should be the time to blow your own trumpet and to have recognition of your achievements.

In this snippet we will endeavour to provide you with some handy “hints and tips” that should help you to plan for your end of year appraisal and to present your achievements in a professional manner.

There are three key areas to cover during your appraisal:

  1. What results did you achieve in 2005 compared to your objectives?
  2. How did you achieve your results? (Remember it's not just about achieving sales. Appraisal is also about team working, customer focus skills, business planning and your behaviour)
  3. Areas to Develop for 2006.
Planning and Reviewing your 2005 Sales Objectives
  1. Review your 2005 objectives. Have they changed during 2005? If they have, make sure that you have updated them Look through your diary and your customer records. Note down your key achievements on a monthly basis and why you thought they were successful.
  2. Remember to review early 2005 achievements not just your most recent successes.
  3. Record things that have not gone so well and what you have learned from the experience.
  4. Print a copy of your full year’s sales and activity contact rates. See how close they were to the objective’s that you were set.
  5. Ask yourself why you consider that you have exceeded your sales target or why are they under expectations.
  6. Be honest with yourself don’t make excuses just give objective observations and evaluate how well you have performed.
Get your Team Members and Customers to give you Feedback
  1. Ask your team members for feedback on your team working skills. Ask for your strengths and your development areas.
  2. Reflect on how you have helped your team members or how they have helped you during 2005.
  3. Give credit in your appraisal to how others have contributed to your 2005 business.
  4. Ask your customers whether they are happy with the level of service they have received.
  5. Ask for any improvement initiatives they would like to see for 2006.
  6. Ask for honesty and also criticise your own team working skills
Writing your Self Appraisal prior to your appraisal interview.

Don’t miss the opportunity to write a self Appraisal
  1. Remind yourself of the key skills and competencies for your role from your job description.
  2. Write down your achievements for 2005 in the same order of importance that your 2005 objectives were given to you.
  3. Be concise in writing your self- appraisal. Make sure your achievements are clear and have the date when you achieved them.
  4. Record accurate sales and activity data.
  5. Review and comment on your own selling skills, your team working skills and your business skills.
  6. Identify your own skills gaps so that you can have a quality discussion with your manager about future development.
  7. Highlight any areas of real concerns to you. Think how to discuss these with your manager at the interview.
Remember the Festive Season
  1. Remember to send your manager a Christmas card.
  2. Remember to send your team members a Christmas card.
  3. Don’t Drink and Drive.
  4. Otherwise eat, drink and be merry and have a very great festive break.
  5. Remember to set your alarm for work on the 3rd of January!!!
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