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Predominant role of Speech Recognition software and Virtual Medical Scribes during this Covid-19 pandemic.


As the new COVID-19 virus has spread worldwide, Companies and institutions of all sizes and across all sectors are being faced with difficult situations to keep their employees safe during this pandemic.
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Editor: Steven Kenneth Last Updated: 03-Jul-2020

Governments around the world are rapidly responding to the covid-19 pandemic, and social distancing is a vital aspect of strategy to limit the spread of the covid-19. 

 As social distancing has to be followed diligently; health care providers are turning to alternative measures for patient care with no direct contact, including telemedicine and Virtual Medical Scribe Services.

Necessitate for Virtual Medical Scribe and Speech Software’s

Health care industries are mainly affected because of this covid-19. As the virus continues to spread, patients looking for medical help are scared of the risks spreading the virus even further.

There comes the opportunity for telemedicine and Virtual Medical Scribes to help improve healthcare by lowering the overall cost of online visit.

The immense growth of the speech and voice recognition software’s in the global market can be attributed to the high growth potential in healthcare application.

Speech Recognition and other advanced communication technologies could assist in connecting doctors to patients, teachers to students, and businesses to their different counterparts around the World.

Benefits of Speech Recognition Software

Speech Recognition software is the most important need of the hour during this COVID-19 outbreak..


By using Speech recognition software, the patient information and all other information are recorded from the telephone call, and it is updated in the EMR of the patient immediately. This ensures the turnaround time becomes almost close to nil.

The efficient use of speech recognition software can speed up the preliminary work.

Patient history, prescription and other details are recorded and converted immediately in to text by the speech software and this process eliminates the manual errors.

 By using a Virtual Medical Scribe to regularly monitor the records that were updated by the software will guarantee improved accuracy.

We at Cresceremed offer Affordable Scribe transcription services that are supported by experienced health care professionals.