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Reasons for Choosing Epitope-specific Antibody Design Service from Creative Biolabs


This paper briefly describes the epitope-specific antibody design service provided by Creative Biolabs. With the most up to date 3-D antibody model and computer-aided affinity maturation methods, clients' needs can be met comprehensively.
  • Author Name: echo han
Editor: echo han Last Updated: 25-Jun-2019

In the field of <a href="">antibody design</a> services, Creative Biolabs has been regarded as the leading role after years of arduous exploration. Its products and services help customers accelerate the research process, solve complex problems and challenges encountered, promote the development of medical diagnosis, and improve laboratory productivity in the field of antibody science.


Reasons for choosing epitope-specific design services from Creative Biolabs are of sorts. The following is summarized according to the different stages regarding antibody design.


  1. Comprehensive <a href="">3d antibody model</a> can be predicted with the assistance of Creative Biolabs’ computational modeling strategies.


  • Computational prediction approaches help to measure the antibody structure of all the sequences, especially some essential component which can not be found only through methods like NMR, X-ray crystallography. Computational prediction approaches like homology modeling and antibody in itio (or de novo) modeling are adopted for bridging the gap between sequence and structure. Respectively speaking, homology modeling works on protein molecules’ three dimensional structures as samples. It works well when accurate prediction of Fv region structure is required in that the total multiple of antibodies is very conservative.
  • In addition, de novo modeling is able to stand aside from the challenging process of modeling of CDR loops caused by its low sequence similarity and structural divergence in the template because it works independently from the already existed templates. Special services are offered in Creative Biolabs for customers with differentiated requirements, covering homology antibody modeling, loop structure refinement, modeling of the framework regions, side chain modeling, and antibody modeling assessment,


  1. First-class antibody-antigen complex analysis services facilitate customers to precisely predict the antibody-antigen complexes’ structure.


  • The latest antibody antigen interaction regarding science knowledge plus CDR region conformation flexibility has been taken into consideration in the service. Methods of antibody-antigen complex modeling, paratope characterization are certainly instrumental to meet your requirements for the development of novel antibodies.
  • A whole set of accurate antibody structure determination targeted services are available. Under the support of approaches like X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, Cryo-electron microscopy, designing and managing therapeutic properties with desired features can be realized.



  1. The most up to date computer-aided <a href="">affinity maturation</a> method, based upon 3D model construction of antibody variable domains, makes the generation of all (combinations of) CDR residue mutants as much as possible. With residues that might influence affinity being projected on, selecting the candidate positions for maturation is highly facilitated by this method.


  1. Wholesome analytical services facilitated with a variety of advanced techniques like NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy, and molecular modeling are accessible at Creative Biolabs to assist in dealing with difficult structures.


Creative Biolabs has a history of over 10 years and is always aiming at providing high standard epitope-specific antibody design services. With the strengths and dedicated contribution, there must be one product that is suitable for clients from all over the world. For more detailed information, please visit