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Recruiters: How To Increase Job Application Rates

Recruiters: How To Increase Job Application Rates


The key objective when posting a job advert, is to maximise the application rates from suitable candidates. So take a minute to review this checklist.
Last Updated: 26-Oct-2017

Firstly, when creating a job advert, please, please, PLEASE, don't simply cut and paste the job description. It's plain lazy, and can often put off candidates with a dry list of what they will be doing and the skills they need.

Job Title

  • Is the Job Title obvious? Make sure you're not using any job titles that are specific to your organisation.
  • Have you included variations of the Job Title where relevant? (eg "Clinical Research Associate / CRA")
  • Don't include any superlatives (eg "excellent opportunity") - these just make it harder to read the job title, and actually don't add anything.
  • Don't include the location unless it's specific to the role. (eg Sales Manager - South West Region) 


  • Creating a powerful job summary (if you're allowed one) is a vital to grabbing the attention of the candidate.This is often used in job alerts, RSS feeds, emails, so don't ignore it, or waste it on something bland. 
  • This is where you can use your superlatives and say something like: "This is an excellent opportunity for an ambitious Sales Manager to join our highly successful UK team based out of Bracknell office (but could be home based), and help us move into the next stage of our growth. - Great team, great training, great package."


  • Have you read it from the point of view of the candidate? - What's in it for them?
  • Does your copy SELL the organisation and its culture? - You need to highlight why yours would be a great organisation to work for!
  • Have you tailored the writing style to the role? Remember different people are attracted to different things, and so different writing styles can be employed with great effect.
  • Have you included details of the benefits package? (pension, healthcare, parking etc) - this can be a huge attraction to candidates. 
  • Does your job advert include phrases and keywords that a suitable candidate might be looking for?
  • Have you included a call to action at the bottom of the advert? - "Click here to apply now!"

I hope that these tips will help you get the most out of your job posting!

Mike Wood