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Recruiters: Using Banners on

Recruiters: Using Banners on


How to get the most out of your banner
Last Updated: 20-Oct-2017

If you are using banners, these few tips can be used to help you get the most out of your Banner Advertising on or anywhere else for that matter. Just increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) by a few percent might make a huge difference to the success of your campaign.

Pose Questions

Try questions like “Did you know…” “Have you seen…” – the visitor who subconsciously reads the question will be enticed to take action. Some research shows that this can raise click through significantly.

Bright Colours

Bright colours can attract the eye, particularly where you’re competing with other banners and distractions. If you’re not constrained by branding, try Blue, Green or Yellow. White and Black are less effective.

Make it Clear

What is it you are trying to get across? Make sure it’s obvious. If you’re using multiple frames in an animated banner, don’t wait till frame 4 before telling everyone what you do (and what they should do) – they simply won’t see it.

If you’re being cryptic, it just won’t work. Keep it brief, simple and to the point.


If you can, use animation. Even simple animation can have create significantly more clicks than a static banner. Animated banners should typically loop in no more than 3 or so seconds.

Call to Action

Don’t forget your call to action. Phrases such as “Click here” or  “Find out more…”  can increase click throughs by up to 15%.


If you can, offer an incentive. Early Bird discounts for conferences for example. Even just a “Don’t miss out”, can increase CTR.


If you can, try several variations of banner and see which gives you the best click through rate (CTR).

Don’t post your banner once and forget it – update it at least one every 2-4 weeks. Visitors to the site soon become blind to a banner that they’ve seen consistently. You need to keep your banners fresh.

If possible, your banner should follow the well established AIDA principles.

Attention, interest, desire, and action.