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Signal Detection throughout the Product Life Cycle

Signal Detection throughout the Product Life Cycle


Learn innovative ways to analyze data derived from signals in clinical development as well as post-maketing surveillance.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

Pharmaceutical Education Associates Presents:

Signal Detection throughout the Product Life Cycle

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Pharmaceutical companies have been tracking adverse events, drug reactions and drug safety issues for years.  Now, the most successful companies are implementing innovative methods and ways of data mining into complex, multi-faceted databases to proactively identify and analyze signals that occur not only in post-marketing surveillance, but in all phases of drug development as well. 

Even the regulatory agencies like the FDA are developing new recommendations for analyzing data that will help in identifying signals earlier – even in early clinical development.  Pharmaceutical companies must keep in pace with these new developments or risk being identified by the regulators as non-compliant and not up to current standards. 


Based on our carefully conducted research, now is the best time to develop new signal detection approaches and the most innovative ways are addressed at this event.