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The Virtual Job Search

The Virtual Job Search


Whatever happened to the days of donning your best suit and tie and going out and looking for a job? Knocking on doors and meeting prospective employers, dazzling them with your wit, intelligence and enthusiasm. Unfortunately that is not possible in today’s society.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

 I am looking for a position in clinical research, and if I casually stopped by to drop off my C.V. at a CRO or pharmaceutical company, which I have tried, I will receive strange looks or simple statements like, “ I am sorry but you must apply or submit your C.V on our web page”. I am resigned to the fact that I cannot simply meet the appropriate people and convince them that I am the right person for the job; I must go do it on the Internet. This is most frustrating so I needed to find a jobsite that was user friendly. A site where I could simply register, attach my most recent C.V and search for positions in my area then apply. Some information on the companies that I apply to would be a bonus. I registered with about ten pharmaceutical/clinical research jobsites. On a scale of 1-10 on the aggravation factor where 10 is the highest, attempting to register and then figure out how to find positions in my areas was topping a 9 with most of these sites. I still cannot comprehend how I can apply for a CTA position today when the position expired 6 months ago! Or taking the time to read a full job description, requirements, attaching my C.V and clicking on “Apply”, just to read in red ink that the job that I am applying for has expired!

I found through a friend who had had success in finding a CRA position through the website. What attracted me straight away was not the ease at searching for jobs, but all the news and developments in the pharmaceutical industry from all over the world staring at me on the screen. I also really liked the option of an alphabetical listing of all the pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s so I could get all the information that I needed for an individual company. With this information I could gain confidence during an interview.

Reading the homepage is like reading the front page of a major newspaper, but catering to one specific industry! But what I really enjoy is to actually see jobs posted based on my selections and not seeing to all too familiar “ no results found”! It is also nice to see a listing of the top jobs available for the week. But foremost, the ease at which I can isolate my job search to a specific title and area is the biggest advantage.

The procedure for finding a job is relatively simple. First register your details and create a password, though you can search for jobs without registering. Don’t forget your password! A lot of jobsites say that they will email a password reminder but never do! Anyway, click on Job search, the select a country on the world map. Under Keywords, I put in Clinical Trials assistant, the Clinical Research under the functional area. Under location I put Essex, the all companies, and finally click on search jobs! It is easy as that! What I liked over other jobsites is how easy it is to read about the position. The closing date is in plain view as the location and title of the position. Then you can click on “more details” and learn more about the position. It is broken down in to the job summary, then the requirements. Then you simply click on “apply” attach your C.V. and Cover letter and you are done! also offers some good advise on how to create the most effective C.V. possible, which has also been most helpful.

In summation, if you are looking for current positions in the pharmaceutical industry where the website offers up to date news and information within the industry, plus ease at obtaining job search results, should be at the top of your list.