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The World Dermatological Market Outlook, 2009-2023

The World Dermatological Market Outlook, 2009-2023


The World Dermatological Market Outlook, 2009-2023
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

This new market analysis by visiongain is to examine the current and future prospects for the world dermatological market. The world dermatological market generated total sales revenues of over $18bn in 2007. Visiongain predicts that this market area will expand further, increasing its total revenues significantly based on expansion of the market for modern drugs to treat skin disorders in developing countries, most notably China, India and Brazil. This report will outline the developments and explain their significance.
All the main dermatological market segments achieved positive sales growth from mid 2007 to mid 2008, giving hope for further gains. Dermatitis, anti-infectives and anti-acne treatments ranked as the top three therapeutic areas according to their sales performance. In this unique clear report, you will find out how those therapeutic areas and others fare from 2009 to 2023, as well as the performance of leading products there. This one-stop shop of information will deliver to you the performance of the current leading national markets for the products during that forecast period – will the US still dominate by such a large margin in 2013, 2018 and 2023?
This visiongain report - The World Dermatological Market Outlook, 2009-2023 - will specifically analyse the world markets for the following classes of dermatological treatments, with relevant sales forecasts:
  • Dermatitis treatments
  • Anti-infective agents
  • Acne treatments
  • Psoriasis treatments
  • Miscellaneous dermatological agents.
The World Dermatological Market Outlook, 2009-2023 examines the market critically through a comprehensive review of available information. This detailed report also highlights pipeline developments and important contemporary issues, especially commercial drivers and restraints. Sources used include industrial databases, commercial news, published reports and economic research. Importantly, visiongain applied financial forecasting, qualitative analyses and the assessment of unmet needs to provide a comprehensive market-centred report with detailed analysis and informed opinion.
In particular, The World Dermatological Market Outlook, 2009-2023 concentrates on the following essential aspects of that market:
  • Forecast of the worldwide dermatological market from 2008-2023
  • Forecasts of the leading market segments from 2008-2023
  • Drivers and restraints facing the world dermatological market
  • Opportunities and threats facing the world dermatological market
  • Commercial prospects for the market-leading drugs, with global sales forecasts from 2008-2023
  • Sales forecasts for the leading country markets from 2008-2023
  • Analysis of pipeline developments in the sector
  • Discussion of unmet therapeutic needs and relative advantages of products
Why you should buy this report:
  • To receive a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for dermatological drugs from 2008-2023
  • To discover predicted revenues, growth rates and other key metrics for leading dermatological treatments from 2008-2023
  • To discover "hot" pipeline developments and up-and-coming products
  • To determine the forces that influence and characterise the market for dermatological treatments:
  • - Competitive characteristics of the market
    - Drivers
    - Restraints
    - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • To find out where the market is heading - both technologically and commercially - from the present onwards.

The global dermatological treatments market has marked strengths and advantages, but is also limited by problems and concerns, like some other major pharma sectors. Growth of generics and biotechnological products create new opportunities. Clearly, that market sector will be driven by product launches and reformulations of existing drugs. Furthermore, the incidence of skin diseases is increasing, combined with an increased demand for treatments, especially in fast-developing nations. Visiongain believes that the global dermatological market has strong growth potential for both original branded and generic products. Market expansion will be heavily dependent on reformulations of existing products for improved drug delivery, new dosing schedules and targeting of specific patient populations. There are also promising dermatological agents currently in development; as discussed in this report, some of those potential market entrants have significant commercial potential. This report is essential reading for everybody involved in the dermatological treatments market, revealing prospects for both existing competitors and potential market entrants, from the present onwards.

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