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Top Pharma and Life Science Events in March 2022

Top Pharma and Life Science Events in March 2022


15 Pharma and Life Science events taking place in March 2022, including events on drug development, gene therapy, drug safety, regulatory affairs, pharma supply chains, digitalisation and transformation, and more.
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15 Pharma and Life Science events taking place in March 2022:

2nd Interstitial Lung Disease Drug Development Summit (March 7th-9th)

The timely 2nd ILD Summit will siphon critical insights from experts at Pfizer, Genentech, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim and Pieris Pharmaceuticals to help you catalyze a new wave of therapies against Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis, COP, CT-ILDs and more.

Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2022 (March 7th-10th)

As the gene therapy field strives to strike the balance between clinical efficacy and product safety in the context of mounting regulatory scrutiny, Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2022 will provide in-depth insights from experts who know how to drive clinical progress, optimize manufacturing, and demonstrate the value of gene therapy products for regulators, payers, and patients.

Fierce Drug Safety Summit (March 8th-9th)

The summit will allow large, medium, and small-sized pharma, biotechs and device companies to learn how to better perform their drug safety processes. Attendees will learn best practices and be better equipped to meet government regulations, ensuring the safety of their patients.

5th Annual Pharma Regulatory Summit 2022 (March 9th-10th)

Join 5th Annual Pharma Regulatory Summit 2022 to discuss multi-regional cooperation, global harmonization and best practices related to India’s regulatory landscape. Sessions will highlight regulatory approaches and good practices to ensure certainty in India and strategic initiatives to improve collaboration and cooperation.

2nd Targeted Protein Degradation Europe Summit (March 15th-17th)

As the European centric targeted protein degradation landscape matures and the number of pre-clinical candidates expected to enter clinical development in the next year grows ever more, the 2nd TPD Europe Summit returns, in person, to highlight key challenges and opportunities ahead.

Pharma Supply Chain & Security World 2022 (March 15th-16th)

In this conference, you’ll not only discover innovative technologies, transformation strategies and collaboration methods, but how best to implement them to optimise your supply chain processes and strategies for drug anti-counterfeiting.

Reuters Events: Pharma USA 2022 (March 16th-17th)

Pharma USA 2022 is North America’s leading commercial pharma event. Here is where we will witness the moment where pharma will learn to self-disrupt. The opportunity to redefine what an industry means doesn’t come around often. For pharma, that moment is now.

6th Edition Pharma 4.0 – Digitalization and Transformation Summit 2022 (March 17th-18th)

The summit will bring together the industry leaders and experts in a single platform to address the key issues, share strategies and discuss innovative solutions. Join to learn from a great combination of experts from the industry through interactive case study presentations, fireside chats, expert talks, panel discussions and astounding masterclasses.

GPCRs – Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2022 (March 22nd-24th)

The summit has been established to tap into new drug discovery opportunities in undrugged and orphaned GPCRs by better understanding the complex signalling GPCR pathway, leveraging new structural and genetic data as well as emerging screening tools and technologies and up and coming modalities.

STING and TLR-Targeting Therapies Summit 2022 (March 22nd-24th)

With multiple TLR agonists moving into the clinic, STING agonists exposing new challenges, multiple approvals on the horizon, and more novel targets and combinations currently undergoing exciting pre-clinical validation than ever before, the summit will unite experts in innate immunity to overcome the barriers it faces and accelerate clinical breakthrough.

6th Commercializing Continuous Processing in Pharma Summit (March 22nd-25th)

The summit will reunite the Continuous community to learn from early adopters on their pilot and commercial scale implementation, as Continuous finally becomes a widely adopted reality across the pharmaceutical industry.

10th Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit (March 28th-30th)

From leveraging data from clinical samples to catalyse the next generation of therapies against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, learning how to justify investment in rare neurodegenerative diseases, through to taking a multi-omic approach to target discovery, the summit will siphon critical insights from Biogen, AbbVie, Roche and more to help you accelerate therapeutic development.

2nd Gene Therapy Comparability Summit (March 29th-April 1st)

In the context of scaling up gene therapy development to achieve commercial goals and mounting regulatory scrutiny, the summit will unite large pharma and innovative biotechs to ensure you can establish comparability at every stage of development, supporting a seamless transition to the larger scales required for commercialisation.

3rd Annual Gene Therapy for Blood Disorders (March 29th-31st)

In the context of intense scrutiny over the safety and durability of blood disease-targeted gene therapies and the excitement around novel gene editing technologies, the summit will unite the leading pharma and biotechs to share essential learnings from access the field, enabling you to progress your pipeline to address the significant unmet need in the field.

PM Society: A Career in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Communications (March 30th)

Following the success of events in 2018 and 2019, PM Society are once again bringing industry experts from pharmaceutical companies and agencies together to advise on career opportunities within the industry and how to present yourself and your talents.


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