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Top Pharma Events in July 2021


15 pharmaceutical events taking place in July 2021, listed on
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15 pharmaceutical events taking place in July 2021:

PM Society Training: The ABPI Code 2021: A guide for the busy (July 1st)

Are you one of those people who know there have been big changes to the Code of Practice this year but you aren’t quite sure what they are and you’ve no time to find out? This short, sharp, interactive summary of the 2021 code is for you.

PM Society Training: Managing Pressure & Building Resilience (July 1st-2nd)

These two sessions are rooted in the science of how the body and brain react to pressure and stress and offer a practical and non-fluffy guide to maintaining and building your resilience. The need for support in this area has increased given how working from home is affecting people’s resilience.

European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (July 5th-6th)

This conference aims to bring together scientists from Europe and other parts of the world to share their interests in the field of organic chemistry at large. The programme is designed to attract organic chemists from both academia and industry.

PM Society Training: How to Impact, Influence & Inspire (July 6th)

Develop your communication skills and learn how to impact, influence, and inspire. These skills will help build your confidence, enhance and sustain your long-term relationships and motivate others to make the most of their potential.

Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery (July 7th-9th)

The 56th edition of the International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry, covering: Chemistry in Living Systems & Chemical Biology for Targets Identification, Recent Advances in Targeted Protein-Protein Interactions Including Protein Degradation and Targeted Protein-DNA/RNA Interactions, and more.

Scripps MD Anderson’s 2021 Oncology Update – Live Streaming CME Event (July 10th)

A one-day conference designed to offer clinicians and advanced practice providers a comprehensive overview of the most recent advances in the treatment of various oncologic malignancies.

7th Edition of International Conference on Clinical and Medical Oncology (July 12th-13th)

Oncology 2021 provides a platform for Doctors, Research scholars, Scientists and Academic people to share their research work while participants from industry/business sectors promote their products, felicitating dissemination of knowledge.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Drug Development Summit (July 13th-15th)

This is a strategic conference designed to bring drug development teams together to address critical challenges surrounding therapeutic potency, tumor resistance and relapse and expanding the clinical utility of targeted and immune-therapies, either in combination or monotherapies.

9th Annual PREDiCT: Tumor Models Cell Therapy Summit (July 13th-15th)

Whether you work in early discovery or late development, there is something for all non-clinical professionals with two dedicated tracks: one focused on preclinical modelling, and one looking at translational studies.

PM Society Training: Coaching Essentials (July 14th).

Learn the fundamental skills to coach others, utilise a framework to structure the conversation, and know when to coach and practice your new skills.

PM Society Training: ABPI Digital Surgery: An outlet for the frustrated (July 15th)

Bring your digital problems to our 2-hour digital surgery and we’ll help find solutions using a few basic decision-making tools that you can take home and keep.

3rd Annual Pharma Packaging, Labelling, Serialization, Track & Trace 2021 (July 15th)

Get in touch with decision makers not only from the Pharma and Healthcare industries but also from the Chemical and Food industries. Benefit from expert knowledge on Track & Trace and Serialization Solutions.

2nd Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders Europe (July 19th-21st)

Focusing on the industry’s challenges of developing and delivering gene therapies to the CNS and bringing fresh faces and emerging companies into the conversation, this is not one to miss as you seek to accelerate the development of your neurological gene therapy.

25th Global Congress on Biotechnology (July 19th 20th)

Presenting the latest scientific improvements in your biotechnology field, with leading educational scientists, researchers, and industrialists from across the globe exchanging their experiences of recent innovations and results.

3rd Asia Pacific Oncology and Cancer Conference (July 28th-29th)

A reflection on the current education, research, developments, and innovations internationally in the field of Oncology.

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