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Trump & Bulldozers of Prosperity

Trump & Bulldozers of Prosperity


This November 9th 2016, the entire world awoke to the “Supremacy of Presidential Entrepreneurialism.” After a couple of hundred years and the first time in US history, the White House now will be occupied by a non-politician and a world-class entrepreneur, President Elect Donald Trump.
Last Updated: 10-Jan-2017

This earth shattering event is a powerful wake up call to all the political leaders of the world; many of whom are already afraid of losing their own next election.  There is a fear of draining of swamps; structured bureaucracies and layered incompetencies are now desperately trying to come up with brand new prosperity plans. Trumpization of America, the strategic blue print of Trump’s election victory game plan is now available as a working guide and a mandatory curriculum for the decimated senior political punditry and pollsters around the world. This victory has proven the old establishment wrong and in a world’s most prized democratic system, Americans have spoken and won a brand new mandate and a new future has arrived.

Selective Nationalism: 
While civilization is diverse and mankind colorless and borderless, the economies and the engines that feed mankind are often territorial and walled. Prosperity models demand territorial controls to measure inequalities, fair trade and national innovative excellence. Selective nationalism is in order; when nations set their own goals of creating grassroots prosperity and declare their citizens the number one choice recipient over other outsiders. When selective Nationalism challenges the current open globalism and demand juxtaposition of economic inequalities against creating grassroots prosperity, the citizenry enjoys continued progress. When rigged systems and false economies structured bureaucracies and incompetent hierarchical structures are forcefully corrected and get wiped out. This is the wakeup call and this is what is now mandated and this is what must be fulfilled.

Trumpization of America:
The Trumpization is going to create new liberated and bold debates on such notions as making “Americans First” and “Making America Great Again” and also, “Draining of the Swamps,” will become part of the world’s language.  These ideas won the elections and such slogans will now rule the new America. These discussions will bounce locally, nationally and globally. Political correctness will be pushed aside and will no longer be accepted as a security blanket to cover massive incompetencies in mazes of bureaucracies. Global thinking has arrived and now challenges ‘destructive thinking’ and forces that thinking to jump to ‘prosperity thinking’.

SOUNDCLOUD:  Live Broadcast: Trump & Bulldozers of Prosperity – Listen Now

Dark Media:
Media is not the voice of the nation, any longer. The media is a high-class business model that acts, and in reality, operates like a super successful Pizzeria. You ferment the desired news like the dough, fly the pie in the sky and when the preselected news items becomes pre-determined agenda, you bake news with various topping and flavors and sell it to hungry people slice by slice. It’s a successful financial model guaranteed to make money in all circumstances and in all parts of the world rain or shine. The alpha dreamers understand how the Pizzerias work. The proof of this knowledge is the crushing defeat of media and polling in Brexit and now during Trumpization of America.

The voice of liberty is truth; the purity of truth is open and honest talk.
Political Correctness: Political correctness systematically failed America; camouflaged as the voice of the people and creating illusions of progress, it reached its breaking point. The term ‘public opinion’ an old deception created by media and polling pundits has been very successful in fooling nations. This was achieved by creating super quick sound bites from pre-rehearsed, pre-selected assumed passersby on national streets to create the illusion of mass opinion. In addition pollsters sat in their sleek offices and called pre-selected citizens in order to frame a predetermined agenda and then reported the results as the voices of the nation. The media resorted to unnecessary diaphragm squeezing and shrieking nasality to create a deafening noise of constant ‘breaking news’. This sound bite ‘dog-whistle politics’ system was organized in order to brainwash the public. New media requires sophisticated intellectualism matched with the hard core and often very deep and bitter conversations on serious issues at hand.

Global age assessments deal with deep opinions; like the massive opinion and feelings of the billion of unemployed individuals and the heavily indebted students who are never heard or discussed as a mainstream crisis, or the couple of billion unemployed citizens due to corrupt administrations, or it the hundreds of millions displaced by war-economies. Never before have so many media organizations lost their credibility so simultaneously. Now breaking news centricity is considered the noise of incompetency, while ‘deep opinion’ is bottomless and beyond the mandate of modern day ear-plugged fake media with teleprompter knowledge a new thinking has emerged.

Truth is after all the real messiah we all have been waiting for

Bulldozers of Prosperity: The most powerful force on the global economy today is the nouveau entrepreneurialism and if properly deployed, as defined in The National Entrepreneurial Manifesto, it will create grassroots prosperity; and make economical victories impossible to stop.

No other asset of a nation is more important and critical to the survival than the preservation of the talent of its citizenry; talents define the nation and it needs constant care and nurturing. It is the honest administration of hidden national talent and skill sets resources and strategic deployment that ensures successful results. Nations around the world can be easily differentiated on this matrix alone.

Create marathons of quadrupling exportability & innovative excellence…
How to create 1000 to 1000,000 new jobs across the nation and to bring local grassroots prosperity?
How to reenergize and mobilize 1000 to 10000 high potential local small medium and large enterprises?
How to train 1000 to 10000 founders, owners and job creator executives to become global age experts?
How to create massive transformational changes towards new global age models?

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets.
Fact: The well designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes.
Fact: The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks.
Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the most critical and missing links.

Power Questions:
Is your country blessed with 1000-10000 high potential talented entrepreneurs with ownership of high potential enterprises anxious to reach upper stratosphere of innovative excellence by transforming into global age thinkers and executioners? Are there senior level executives in need to deeply appreciate global age entrepreneurialism? Is the National leadership ready to recognize such optimized and hidden entrepreneurial talents as the biggest and most timely assets of the nation?  As a national agenda, is the local or national leadership ready to engage and debate with world-class though leadership such crucial prosperity and job-creation topics at the highest level and share openly with the nation? Study Expothon Strategy as a national solution, review deployment and become a champion on quadrupling exportability and innovative excellence.

Blue Prints:
The tools for all such transformations are already available. The global age has already arrived it’s the global age skills where the problems are hidden. On creating entrepreneurial prosperity, here is India as one great example MAKE INDIA SHINE:

Global Shifts:
The last millennia revolutions meant massive mobs dressed in rags charging palaces with sticks and stones. Today the revolutionaries are silent, efficient, clean and very smart. Pick up your arms of innovative excellence and declare a war to protect grassroots prosperity. Assemble your skills; polish your craft; take charge and lead.

These revolutionaries are already all around you. Advancements are taking place on your office floors, coffee shops, shopping malls and sport stadiums; they are the alpha dreamers and they are connected locally, nationally, globally and making their sound heard by ‘clicks’ and ‘deep opinions’. They are the hunters of new prosperity; they are the fighters for the betterment of mankind. They do not have to march on the corrupt palaces of incompetencies; they are all out in the open fields of collaboration and coordination. The bulldozers of new prosperity are busy cultivating growth through pure ‘value creation’ and the erasing old notions of ‘value manipulation’. They are balancing hard core fundamental economies and becoming the wind to blow off hologramic economies.

The time has come; the circle has been completed; the dots connected; it’s time to ignore mediocrity, incompetency and outclass organized bureaucracies and institutional incompetencies. The center of gravity is no longer the failed institutions and old leadership is now on new fertile grounds. New cathedrals of knowledge are readily visible and awaiting marching crowds. If you are scared and weak, the new global age knowledge will sprint away; however, if you are bold and curious it will surround you. It is at your finger tips and just waiting for your touch. Face the realities, learn mastery of technocalamity and get ready to rush forward.

Assemble all the essential spare parts of global-age understanding; cement all the special qualities of global age execution and weld them all together to create new armor that will transform you into a global age bulldozer of prosperity. This will give you weight and power to boldly ride over the incompetencies of yesterday, while ploughing through brand new fields of prosperity.

The success of selective nationalisms starts with ‘selective individualism’. It is time for you to become a shining star and deeply study global thinking and execution. It is time to leap to the start of the line and not wait in the queue waiting for something to happen.

Fact: The alpha dreamer’s world is wide wake and the sun is constantly rising somewhere round the clock, the five billion masses are connected with global prosperity and illustrious minds are moving forward. Making your own country number one and taking care of your own citizenry first, is a noble cause. American Entrepreneurial Presidency and its new mandate is a sign of the global age in real times.

The White House is now occupied by a world-class entrepreneur. This is something the world never imagined. Are you an entrepreneur too?  It is time for you to use the processes and changes that just happened to showcase your global age innovative excellence and entrepreneurial skills. Demonstrate your business models and realize that deep thinking and execution of skills are a rare combination in this time of history. The Supremacy of Entrepreneurialism has arrived. Be brave, execute courageously and become a bulldozer of prosperity.

Beneficiaries: the truth seekers, the selective nationalists, the founders and owners of small business getting some respect and sympathetic ears and the spread out citizenry outside the glass housed elitism. There are the global age savvy and global age execution experts who believe in creating new national prosperity. There is now a new rhythm and tempo to work and those extremely comfortable are also extremely happy about the unfolding of such metamorphisms.

strong>Enemies: the mountains of bureaucracies, the valleys of incompetencies and the swamps in need of drainage.

Adjustments: Create new armies of young and old, big and small powerful entrepreneurs; around the world, there are some 100 million restless entrepreneurs in search of better quality of life, safety and respect for them and their families. There are also selected nations open to such entrepreneurs. Smart nations are the ones that will allow under special visas programs large numbers to land in the country and mobilize nouveau entrepreneurialism on large massive scale and create massive grassroots level prosperity. Study Expothon Strategy and test as a major solution to bringing grassroots prosperity in your regions. The global exchange of entrepreneurialism is on the rise.

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Don't be left by the wayside, learn, levitate and fly…a new global age awaits