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What does a Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) do?

What does a  Clinical Trial Manager (CTM)  do?


What does a Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) do?
Last Updated: 29-Oct-2013

Typically, a Clinical Trial Manager:

  • Reports to, and receives instructions from, the Clinical Project Manager (CPM);
  • Supervises and coaches the Clinical Data Manager and Clinical Research Associate ;
  • Implements and monitors clinical trials which have been approved by management;
  • Periodically visits clinical trial investigators and provides them with their needs, such as Case Report Forms (CRF), drug samples, and stipends;
  • Collects CRFs and checks their completeness and accuracy;
  • Assists clinical trial investigators in writing the final technical report;
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned by the CPM.

  • Graduate of life sciences, such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, psychology, pharmacy, biology, zoology, and medical technology;
  • Preferably with some units in courses related to marketing, business, or statistics;
  • Has worked in a pharmaceutical company, or related field, for at least 3 years as Clinical Data Manager, or Clinical Research Associate, or Clinical Trial Manager.

A Clinical Trial Manager, after at least 3 years, might progress to Clinical Project Manager.