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Who or What Is a CV Writer

Who or What Is a CV Writer


What to look for in a CV writer- how to sift the good ones from the bad.
Last Updated: 25-Jun-2013

Simple question with a simple answer. A CV writer is someone who writes a CV.

End of article, end of question? If only things were so simple then your choice of CV writer would be really easy. Many people choose to become the CV writer themselves as they believe, mistakenly in my humble opinion that it is an easy task to do. If it was that easy, many people would set themselves up in business and make a very comfortable living writing CVs for people eager to pay them for the service.

The truth is, however that a CV writer is a very specialised occupation. There are not that many occasions in life when you are going to need a CV, usually when you are looking for a new job or when a prospective employer asks you out of the blue to send them your CV. After the panic stops about what you are actually going to send in the post, hand in person or email to that employer, please give some thought as to who is going to write your CV.

That potential employer will only have that single document in front of them from which to choose who to shortlist for the role and who to reject. When you have already sent that CV out, it is too late to start regretting your decision to do it yourself or indeed to accept the offer from that successful type A personality relative who believes that they know exactly what they are doing when writing a CV.

I would not be so bold as to suggest that I could do anyone else’s job that specialised in that field. Why then do people think that they have what it takes to become a CV writer when they are only going to practice that activity perhaps a dozen times in their career. A professional CV writer writes CVs for a living and their success is gauged by how many interviews that they actually get for their professional CV writing clients.

Writing a CV is not actually a very difficult job. Anyone with a strong command of the English Language can master the craft; however it takes time to understand what an employer really is looking for and to sell the person on the CV. The acid test is whether or not results are gained. In 2012, every one of our clients (that we know about) got a better job, a new job or got into University or a college placing, depending of course on what they were looking to achieve in the first place. In our case, our CV writers got incredible success- of course our client actually got the jobs themselves, we didn’t attend the interviews on their behalf so they are the ones to take all the credit, Their secret weapon; however is that they hired a professional CV writer and then had no need to learn about writing a CV themselves.

The choice in the end is, of course, up to you. Many of our clients have found out for themselves that employing a CV writer is in fact the smart option and gets you interviewed far more times than not. What would you rather do? Spend time learning how to go about writing a CV or employing a CV writer and watch the interviews roll in- I know what I would do.

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