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Wholesale & Distribution


- Examination of the UK, US and European regional markets for prescription pharmaceuticals 2008 -
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

 The importance of the Wholesale & Distribution sector of the pharmaceutical industry is often overlooked, but with the EU alone boasting some 3,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers producing some 50,000 products for 130,000 retail outlets, the supporting network provided by the wholesale distributor is essential to the healthcare industry.
Visiongain believes that this sector of the industry is facing crisis, with the increasing use of the internet for direct sales, government imposed pricing controls in Europe and the proposed change in US re-importation law, the industry has been forced to re-assess many standard operational procedures.
Visiongain further finds that The Wholesale and Distribution sector is already operating on profit margins which are significantly lower than those experienced by other companies within the pharmaceutical industry, and changes in US re-importation law serve only to reduce these margins further, with a knock-on effect throughout the supply chain - which will ultimately affect the consumer.

Wholesale & Distribution by Pharma Reports of visiongain provides up to date information on:
- The pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution in industry in the UK, Europe and US market regions
- Landmark legal rulings relating to major industry players in the UK, European and US market regions
- EC and FDA legislation to which companies operating within the sector must adhere and what these policies mean in real terms for the industry
- Profiles of major European and US companies operating in the pharmaceutical Wholesale and Distribution industryWholesale & Distribution
- Identify and evaluate the key factors that will affect the growth of the changing wholesale market, and how these factors will affect the future success of your products
- Assess the competition between companies active in wholesale & distribution, their pipeline and the impact they will have on the current market

The major problem facing the Wholesale & Distribution industry is its low profit margin which is in the region of only 1-2%. However, this market is entering into a crucial period with many key products losing patent protection, facing heavy generic competition. As generics are priced lower than their branded counterparts, the actual dollar profit on them taken by W&D companies, for their movement, is reduced. In the light of this, other key factors such as new pricing and distribution models are also discussed in more detail. Other important issues that are affecting the industry and discussed in detail include:
1. Drug Counterfeiting
2. Direct-to-Pharmacy Distribution
3. Parallel Trade
4. Canada and US Drug Reimportation
5. Internet drugs: Mail Order and On-line Pharmacies.

The objectives of this report are to understand the W&D industry, why it occurs, who it affects, different natures of wholesale-distribution and what kinds of strategies are involved. Wholesale-Distribution has both pros and cons for different healthcare stakeholders. Wholesale-Distribution is a complex area, where there are many “grey” areas.

This report examines the industry critically through a comprehensive review of available information, including that from commercial databases and other highly relevant sources, including SWOT analysis. Visiongain applies financial forecasting, qualitative analyses and the assessment of unmet needs to provide a comprehensive market report with detailed analysis and informed opinion.

In particular, The Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Distribution Sector concentrates on the following essential aspects of the industry:
• Discussion of the current W&D market
• Forecast of the big three US wholesalers from 2008-2013
• Drivers and restraints facing the W&D market
• Opportunities and threats facing the W&D market
• Commercial prospects for the W&D market
• Discussion of unmet needs

Why you should buy this report:
• To receive a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the W&D market
• To discover predicted revenues, growth rates and other key metrics for the big three US wholesalers from 2008-2013
• To determine key activities of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers
• To determine the forces that influence the W&D market
• Competitive characteristics of the market
• Drivers
• Restraints
• Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis)
• To find out where the W&D industry is heading - both technologically and commercially


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