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World Pharmaceutical (China) Summit 2006

World Pharmaceutical (China) Summit 2006


This Conference will provide a platform for intellectual discourse in order to answer these questions and to discuss other pressing issues regarding the pharmaceutical industry in China in particular, and the world in general. Opportunities and challenges within the whole value chain, from research and development down to sales and marketing will be discussed and solutions put forward for the benefits of attendees.
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We believe that the quality of a conference program comes from listening to the requests and advice given by our target market. We pride ourselves in providing the most-up-to date subject matter suggested by the market in an environment that is conducive to networking and learning. At this event, you will have the unique opportunity to:  

l         Get a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into the industry’s regulations from SFDA and match your business strategies with ’s new macro environment

l         Learn from the most successful companies proven commercialization & marketing strategies with detailed operation suggestions on operating in China Market

l         Track various focus points with policymakers on basic healthcare insurance drug list, intellectual property and patent enforcement in , new drug registration etc.

l         Discuss issues regarding OTC, TCM, generics drug with industry leaders and experts

l         Analyze the key successful facts of ’s pharmaceutical developing model

l         Benefit from real life case studies of world renowned pharmaceutical giants and their strategies in facing today's challenges 

l         Enjoy interactive panel discussion to introduce your point of view on pharmaceutical industry and have your burning questions answered

l         Meet with a distinguished collection of government officials, representatives of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, industry specialists, practitioners and participants from the global pharmaceutical fraternities


CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers and Supervisors in charge of:

l         Corporate Strategy

l         Sales and Marketing

l         Business Development

l         Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

l         Research and Development

l         Import / Export, Trading

l         Risk Management