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22-Nov-2022 - 23-Nov-2022

2nd Annual HPAPI Forum 2022

We invite you to take a part in the 2nd Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Forum

Join us to reveal the latest developments in this increasingly potent environment, that made HPAPI become one of the most important growth drivers for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

As a result of advances in biological products and therapies, the market for Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients has shown significant growth in recent years. As demand for HPAPIs keeps rising, so does the need for expanded manufacturing capabilities and appropriate safety procedures and equipment to protect personnel and sites from the challenges highly potent compounds could bring.

This event will address the biggest challenges the industry is facing from:
• Current conditions in the Occupational Toxicology and regulatory landscape,
• Determining toxicology limits and assessing hazards for making your workplace safer
• Current and emerging technologies in the design of facilities for HPAPI
• Manufacturing and containment,
• Mitigating contamination risks,
• Sustainability and Green Chemistry,
• Digitalization and automation in HPAPI’s
• Effective management, outsourcing and advancing partnerships