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18-May-2021 - 20-May-2021

2nd Annual | Re: Imagine Pharma Marketing

Pharmaceuticals, medical device and life science organizations of all sizes have executed digital initiatives at a greater scale in 2020, and continuing through 2021. Marketers do a good job showing how channels reach customers with leading KPIs, but how good a job are we doing demonstrating and actually measuring the impact of digital initiatives on business, especially across channels?

There are many KPIs and channels that can be utilized. However, if senior leadership is not asking the right questions - it becomes increasingly difficult to understand where to make investments or deliver commercial transformation to actually deliver and measure ROI.

Today, there are more questions than answers:
What are the shortfalls, and are there more strategic analytical roadmaps for success as an industry?
Is omnichannel driving business impact in a more virtual environment? Does it vary across therapeutic areas and specialties?
How can we measure/track success as the channel mix changes over time as part of a more advanced attribution model?
Does 'digital' need to be de-siloed and experts redistributed across commercial functions?
Ultimately, how can the industry look to weather change in digital in this time of flux?
Following the resounding success of the inaugural Re:Imagine Pharma Marketing - at the 2nd Re:Imagine Pharma Marketing, this unique event will provide a detailed view on these crucial supporting elements surrounding launching new digital programs to ensure adoption and excellence in execution from all stakeholders at your organization. Through case studies and planning strategy, you will leave this groundbreaking virtual event with a more holistic internal view of driving innovation that can be applied to any new digital initiative.

- Amplify digital at a critical time - identifying what the triggers for 'must do' changes, and assessing if these are these connected to true long lasting digital transformation.
- Examining COVID forced acceptance of Omnichannel marketing importance: where do CX and MCM groups need to channel their energy and what elements to prioritize to deliver a consistent experience of your brand.
- Analyze content consumption habits and behaviors of HCPs to develop your content and engagement strategy. 
- Scaling video content - keeping the authenticity; examples of good stories that make for great content and pull the story forward to capture emotion.
- Quantify the right multichannel mix to select the right channel for the corresponding campaing.
- Optimize your patient journey and adherence as a marketing aid - how 'how to' and 'why' build as patients continue to increase levels of expectation on access and reach.
- Build a successful performance measurement framework to better interpret your data and understand your goals within analytics.
- Minimize data noise and digital health errors through smart use of data analytics and combining data sources.
- Reimbursement: relocating reimbursement as part of the innovation process - understand the value proposition of tech and quantify the willingness to pay.
- Evaluate if we have seen the promise of AI come to fruition in this current period of turbulence. Has it done the job that we thought it would?.
- Develop a methodology of how to split personal and non-personal promotion.