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24-Aug-2021 - 26-Aug-2021

2nd Commercializing Flow Chemistry Summit 2021

A key lesson learned in 2020 was the importance of rapid discovery of novel molecules and transition into scale up. Advancement of technologies in flow chemistry and control systems have enabled Discovery Chemists, Process Chemists, PAT and Engineers to adopt flow chemistry to uncover previously inaccessible APIs and synthetic molecules – with a much more streamlined development process, in addition to the increased emphasis of green chemistry.

The 2nd Annual Commercializing Flow Chemistry Summit will return to bridge the gap between academic and industry innovation this August, as the only truly application focused event, to translate exciting theory into commercial reality. Joined by 100+ senior leaders from large pharma, biotech, academia; including exploration outside of pharma for the first time.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to go beyond on the bench and make real impact to your company.