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07-Dec-2022 - 08-Dec-2022

3rd TIGIT Axis Therapies

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    • Virtual Event
    • Suffolk County
    • 02108
    • United States
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As immuno-oncology drug development transforms cancer treatment paradigms, preclinical and clinical data continues to demonstrate that the TIGIT axis blockade, particularly in combination with other immune checkpoint inhibitor partners, has strong efficacy. Despite recent clinical setbacks, and with at least 15 anti-TIGIT axis drugs in active clinical development, TIGIT axis targeting remains a promising treatment approach.

In the context of a need to accelerate practice-changing cancer immunotherapies towards approval and to patients in need, the 3rd TIGIT Axis Therapies Summit returns to reunite large pharma, innovative biotechs and pioneering academics to discuss the full range of next-generation TIGIT axis targeted drug modalities and maximize TIGIT-axis targeting in the solid tumor, blood cancer and non-oncology setting.

Covering deciphering the mechanistic intricacies underlying TIGIT axis signaling, defining combination partners that improve efficacy and strengthen TIGIT targeted pipelines, exploring novel drug designs in terms of Fc functionality and IgG type, identifying molecular signatures relevant to the tumor microenvironment and periphery to incorporating unique pharmacology properties into trial design, this is your comprehensive guide for addressing the unique challenges of TIGIT axis targeted drug development and powering up your pipelines.

This year's sharp two-day agenda leans into the clinical headwinds faced by so many immune checkpoint targets. As the space regroups, join the conversation to build meaningful partnerships and maximize the clinical and commercial success of the next generation of TIGIT axis targeted drugs.

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Conference Only - Industry Pricing - On the Day : USD 2299.00,
Conference Only - Academic Pricing - On the Day: USD 2099.00,
Conference Only - Service and Solution Provider Pricing - On the Day: USD 2799.00

Speakers: Murali Ramachandra, Chief Executive Officer,  Aurigene Discovery Technologies, David Wald, Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Leonie Meima, Vice President Business Development, Coherus Biosciences, Eran Ophir, Senior Vice President Research and Drug Discovery, Compugen, William Freed-Pastor, Instructor of Medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, Namrata Patil, Principal Scientist, Genentech, Gregory Driessens, Program Leader, iTeos Therapeutics, Sandhya Girish, Vice President Clinical Pharmacology, Gilead Sciences, Farahnaz Forozan, President, Forozan OncoGen Consulting, Suba Krishnan, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development, Mereo BioPharma, Alon Vitenstein, Senior Scientist, Nectin Therapeutics, Keren Paz, Chief Development Officer, Nectin Therapeutics, Pini Tsukerman, Chief Scientific Officer, Nectin Therapeutics, Anil Thotakura, Head of Immuno-Oncology, Orion Corporation, George Fromm, Vice President of Research and Development, Shattuck Labs, Nicole Joller,  Associate Professor, University of Zurich, Tobias Bald, Group Leader of the Tumor Immuno-Biology Lab, University Hospital Bonn, Alicja Copik, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Central Florida, Walter Fiedler, Associate Professor, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Franziska Brauneck, Assistant Physician, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Shannon M Ruppert, Senior Scientist, Genentech, Tae Hyun Hwang, Endowed Chair, Mayo Clinic

Venue details: Virtual Event, United States