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06-Dec-2021 - 08-Dec-2021

ADC Target Selection Summit

The inaugural ADC Target Selection Summit developed in collaboration with AstraZeneca, AbbVie, Mersana and Eisai is the industry’s definitive conference dedicated to exploring the importance of ADC target selection, discussing the validation of novel targets, understanding the patient population for a certain target and therefore developing life-changing ADCs.

Join your peers within target discovery from large pharma, innovative biotech and research institutes to discuss key challenges including the target-payload pairing and ensuring that it’s right from the get-go, differentiating solid tumors and hematological cancer targets and assessing the antibody for small molecule target validation.

As part of the World ADC Series this virtual meeting is the go-to for scientists involved within target selection, cancer biology and bioinformatics. Be part of this focused discussion as 20+ world class experts define the criteria of what makes a good target so that you can elevate your company’s target selection strategy to create successful ADCs and accelerate more solid tumor targeting ADCs into the clinic.