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17-May-2021 - 17-May-2021

CPhI & P-MEC China E-Trade Season- Vitamins and CoQ10 Market Session

The Vitamin Markets have seen spikes and heats during the past year, in the globe as well as in its biggest manufacturing country China. Conventional products like Vitamin C and Vitamin D have increased sales in 2020, as there is aroused attention to immune system caused by the Covid-19. Meanwhile, new heated products like CoQ10 prevail the markets and create more opportunities.

CPhI & P-MEC China launches the “E-Trade Season” from March - June 2021 to provide the pharmaceutical industry with online learning and trading opportunities. This includes months of informative content and targeted matchmaking service - delivering over 8 themed webinar series and showcasing high-quality pharma suppliers from 4 popular themes. The webinar “Vitamins and CoQ10 Market” will be held on 17 May 2021, focusing on the dynamics of the global and Chinese vitamin markets, and outlooking the newly heated niche market of CoQ10. The webinar is FREE for anyone to register and attend.