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11-Jul-2022 - 14-Jul-2022

Design of Experiments for Chemists and Engineers

The on line course price includes the option to book a one hour FREE consultancy slot with Dr Paul Murray to discuss any specific designs. This consultancy slot will be carried out off line and must be booked within 6 months of the course date. Bookings will be subject to Dr Murray's availability and booked on a first come first served basis.

Industrial Scientists can no longer afford to experiment in a trial-and-error manner, changing one factor at a time. A far more effective method is to apply a systematic approach to experimentation that considers all factors simultaneously.

This approach is called Design of Experiments (DoE) and many scientists use it as an efficient way to solve serious problems afflicting their projects.

DoE provides information about the interaction of factors and the way the total system works, something not obtainable through traditional testing methods. DoE also shows how interconnected factors respond over a wide range of values, without requiring the testing of all possible values directly. DoE is a fundamental aspect of Quality by Design.

This now four session course written and presented by Dr Paul Murray a Process Chemist with extensive experience of applying DoE across a wide range of chemical reactions from reaction screening and new route development through to reaction optimisation.

The Course will empower Scientists to implement DoE in their work to more efficiently improve their processes.

Please do see brochure attached for more information (please note this is based on the live 2 day course, but the content is the same)


Venue details: Virtual Event, United Kingdom