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20-Oct-2021 - 21-Oct-2021

Digital 11th Injectables Summit 2021

We are delighted to be meeting online again at the 11th Annual Injectables Summit and are dedicated to serve this community to streamline device development, explore new platforms and mitigate risks.

Join global senior device leaders to share their latest innovations from pre-filled syringes to autoinjectors, novel formulations and technologies to offer better patient experience. We are aspired to help the community improve engineering excellence, with the 2021 summit focusing on:

Fortifying User Centric Design Thinking in Your Injectable Device
Extending Your Product Lifecycle Management
Updates of Evolving Global Regulatory Landscapes
Smart Devices
High-Viscosity and High-Volume Injection Device Design and Engineering
Sustainability and Reusability of Injectable Devices
Device Engineering and Control Strategies