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15-Sep-2021 - 15-Sep-2021

Driving New Discovery with Precision Microbiome Analysis & Advanced AI

With unequivocal evidence demonstrating the critical role the gut microbiome has in human health, microbiome research is at a new frontier. This new phase of discovery is harnessing the microbiome for innovative products, therapies and diagnostics. Precise and comprehensive measurement of the microbiome is required to realise these opportunities.

In this virtual event, experts from Microba Life Sciences will discuss how advancements in metagenomic analysis techniques are revealing novel biomarkers and relationships from the microbiome. Using its optimised platform for collecting samples, generating and interpreting metagenomic data, Microba identifies accurate signals and strong leads that are missed with other sequencing and bioinformatics methods to measure the microbiome.

These sessions will cover:

  • Discovering novel biomarkers and therapeutic lead opportunities from precision microbiome analysis
  • Identifying innovative nutritional product opportunities from rich metagenomic datasets with comprehensive metadata
  • The importance of accurately preserving and profiling microbial communities to find novel signals
  • Developing optimized workflows to ensure reliable and reproducible results across research studies
  • Overcoming challenges in processing and interpreting metagenomic data from the microbiome
  • Using advanced data science and AI to identify species and functional features associated with health or disease