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20-Apr-2021 - 20-Apr-2021

Fertility Innovation Summit

Women’s health today is under-served from innovation and clinical science standpoints with outdated practices and lack of much-needed attention from key players (incl. investors and insurers). It is imperative to develop the eco-system, shift mindsets and embrace a holistic, women-centered approach.

As part of our leading Women’s Health Innovation Series, The Fertility Innovation Summit is the second instalment of our 1-day themed events throughout 2021. Take a deep-dive into the verticals that are driving change in women’s health to improve the quality and access to healthcare for women globally. 

Reproductive-health-supporting technologies and research advances are on the rise. The Fertility Innovation Summit will focus on how to harness such innovation’s through partnerships, investment, and collaborations to empower women’s understanding and control over their own reproductive health. The breadth of advancements in fertility will be explored from clinical research, to mental health challenges, to the role of technology and digitization to determine next steps for the continued growth of this industry.

Join our leading network of biotech, medical device companies, start-ups, insurers, investors, pharma, researchers, and HCPs to drive innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology.