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Kick off the year with a F2F interactive workshop that provides you with the tools identify and benefit from your outsourcing strategic partnerships – and learn where they might not add value. This event examines strategic partnerships’ value from both the large and small company perspectives.

Take a deeper dive into the latest definitions and terminologies of outsourcing. Do you know your FSP from FSP? Avoid potential crossed signals in your communications.

Calling all contract mangers, outsourcing professionals and procurement representatives… to better understand how our function is evolving it’s important to understand our beginnings. We will take you on a journey through the history of PCMG, evaluating the changes we have seen over three decades, improvements made and those yet to come.

PCMG is ALSO starting the year by repeating its successful BIG BANG F2F open session, gathering leaders from Sponsors and CRO leaders to explore networking opportunities while sharing key learnings.  

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Attendance is free of charge as part of PCMG annual membership and you can delegate your place to a work colleague if you cannot attend.

PCMG is a not-for-profit organisation and this event is sponsored by ICON.