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15-Feb-2022 - 17-Feb-2022

Genetic Vaccine Analytical Development Summit

Over the course of the most recent pandemic, vaccine technologies have developed at an amazing pace. However, none of these platforms would have succeeded without comprehensive analytical support.

As vaccine developers strive to ensure that the entire vaccine development process is as efficient, precise, and cost-effective as possible, the inaugural Genetic Vaccine Analytical Development Summit will unite large pharma and innovative biotechs to develop the right analytical methods to guarantee the quality, safety, and consistency of mRNA, DNA and viral vector-based vaccines.

Focused specifically on addressing the unique analytical challenges posed by genetic vaccines, this technical scientific conference will unite analytical scientists, Heads of CMC, Analytical Development, and Pre-Formulation from the leading companies grappling with these challenges first-hand. To navigate the roadblocks ahead of successful vaccine development, we must dig deep into the analytical armamentarium.

Join the leading minds in vaccine analytics to optimize the development of better and more robust tools to ensure the safety, quality, and consistency of mRNA, DNA, and viral vector-based vaccines.