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23-Jun-2022 - 23-Jun-2022

How can we converge the brain, art and education with Dr. Suzanne Dikker

Dr. Suzanne Dikker’s work merges cognitive neuroscience, education, and performance art in an effort to understand the brain basis of human social interaction, and to bring neuroscience research out of the lab, into real-world, everyday situations.

With the advancements of portable EEG technology, more and more STEM programs are using EEG to teach neuroscience and engage students with hands-on experiences.

Join us in a fireside chat with Dr. Dikker to discuss her collaborative crowd-sourcing neuroscience experiments and interactive brain installations being carried out globally.

Suzanne is a senior research scientist affiliated with New York University’s Department of Psychology and VU Amsterdam’s Department of Clinical Psychology, and member of the art/science collective DIKKER + OOSTRIK.