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29-Jun-2021 - 01-Jul-2021

Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit

Since the start of the 20th century, there have been three major waves of innovation in drug discovery. We are now at the start of a fourth wave, multispecific medicines, that will pave the way for new treatments aimed at thousands of disease targets currently viewed as “undruggable”. By inducing proximity between two or more proteins, multispecifics can harness the power of biology to go well beyond what conventional drugs can achieve.

As such, the inaugural Induced Proximity- Based Drug Discovery Summit arrives as the dedicated scientific and networking forum for large pharma, innovative biotech and research institutes to seize the endless potential of induced proximity- based drug discovery strategies to develop novel therapies for paradigm changing multispecific drugs of the future.

Join 100+ thought leaders of Chemically Biology, Screening Biology and Molecular Biology from the likes of Amgen, Ranok Therapeutics, Proxygen and more at the Induced Proximity- Based Drug Discovery Summit to advance your knowledge, differentiate your pipelines and be at the forefront of this new wave of innovation that will revolutionize drug discovery as currently known.