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23-Mar-2021 - 25-Mar-2021

Innate Killer Summit 2021

Advance Gene Engineering, Persistence, and Scalable Expansion of NK, Gamma-Delta T, and NKT Cell Therapies to Develop Cost-Effective Allogeneic Treatments for Liquid and Solid Tumors

2020 has been a game-changing year for the NK cell community. Positive clinical results have forced the field to wake up to the potential of these pioneering approaches. However, this increased clinical understanding highlights the challenges in producing long-lasting, scalable products.

Supporting the field since its' infancy, the Innate Killer Summit is returning for the 6th year as the leading, industry-defining forum dedicated to advancing the field to achieve clinical success.

Spanning the current drug development landscape, from improving CAR transduction in discovery through to cryopreservation in clinical manufacture, join the first and only comprehensive meeting to exclusively focus on the clinical and commercial development of innate cell therapies.

Join over 200 experts from Nkarta Therapeutics, Kiadis Pharma, the FDA, Celularity, Century Therapeutics and more, to comprehensively analyze cell sources, combination approaches, regulatory processes, as well as the evolving understanding of NK therapies for viral infection including COVID-19.

Promising novel unpublished data, interactive discussion, and engaging networking opportunities leave the Innate Killer Summit equipped with new collaborations and lessons learned to capitalize on the easier applicability, regulatory and compliance of innate therapies compared to T cell approaches.

23-25 March, 2021
9.30am-6pm EST | 6.30am-3pm PST