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19-May-2022 - 19-May-2022

Making Progress: Overcoming Diversity Barriers in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials and their findings provide the critical evidence base for evaluating the safety and efficacy of new medicines and medical products. However, the lack of diversity in clinical trials is a global health equity issue. Since COVID the inequities have been further magnified and are harder to ignore – there is a great need to prioritise this and find sustainable solutions to health inequity.

Join Neera Chaudhary, President of Ketchum North America and a panel of independent experts, as they discuss the challenges around diversity and representation in Clinical trials, including inherent and systemic causes, health disparities, community culture, and education and how this impacts patient engagement. Some of the issues that will be discussed include:

  • What are the historical barriers to diverse recruitment in clinical trials and why is inclusion criteria and diverse representation more important than ever?
  • What are the challenges we face in engaging with diverse communities to ensure equal representation in clinical trials?
  • How important is collaborating with community-based organisations to improve representation and what is the call to action to better educate and inform to initiate change?

Registration and attendance is free via the following link: 

  • When: 19th May 2022 at 5pm BST / 12pm EDT
  • Where: via Zoom virtually


  • Neera Chaudhary, President, Ketchum North America


  • Dr. Paula Wray, Senior Manager NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Oxford and Thames Valley
  • Jane Thurston, Senior Patient Recruitment Lead Patient Recruitment Strategy Group, Parexel
  • Ash Rishi, CEO of COUCH Health & Demand Diversity
  • Wenora Johnson , Patient/Research Advocate