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08-Sep-2022 - 08-Sep-2022

Making your digital product design count in pharma and healthcare

Pharma is great at launching websites and digital tools, but a lack of strategic outlook and a clear understanding of the 'why' behind products means that many don't experience long-term success. Join us as we explore how, with some simple steps, you can look past launch to ensure your digital products create value for your audience, and your business.

Speakers Jon Hume, Commercial Director at Graphite Digital, and Gary Holifield, Director of Digital Strategy at Amryt Pharma, will discuss:

  • The importance and fundamentals of a digital strategy, who should be involved and how to align to business goals
  • Defining the right digital success metrics for your organisation and your users — and what to do with all that data
  • The value of effective digital products and services to the end user and organisation