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07-Sep-2021 - 09-Sep-2021

Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit (September 7-9, Digital Event)

The 3-day program will bring together a wealth of knowledge into the once again growing field of cancer vaccines, bringing together both pioneering academics and non-profit institutions, and leading biotech and pharma. Expect to hear case studies and updates on understand immune suppression mechanisms and the tumor microenvironment, combination therapies, antigen selection, and optimizing vaccine platforms.

Attend this event to:
- Understand how a novel primer boost vaccine system drives tumor-specific and potent CD8+ responses for cancer immunotherapy from Gritstone Oncology

- Hear Janssen speak on the critical steps in finding optimal antigens for cancer vaccinations, novel tumor bioavailability, and understanding transcriptional availability

- Gain awareness with the of increasing preclinical data implicating how the timing of anti-PD-1 therapy may impact on anti-tumor immune responses generated by neoantigen vaccination with the Dana Faber Cancer Institute

- Appreciate the challenges of tumor microenvironment modulation by accessing data with Targovax to combination therapies using immune checkpoint inhibitors

- Hear Geneos speak on the the rationale of targeting unique antigens from individual patient tumors to design, manufacture, and deliver personalized immunotherapies