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16-Feb-2021 - 24-Feb-2021

North American Protein Degradation Congress

The targeted protein degradation field is expanding, gone are the days of simple proof of concept…. We now have LYTACs, AUTACs and ATTECs as well as numerous PROTAC and Molecular Glue companies with millions of dollars worth of investment. C4 netted $182.4 million in IPO, and Nurix and Kymera closed funding with $120 million and $102 million apiece. With several start-ups launching, including Lycia and Amphista therapeutics, investment in this area is booming, and it’s not slowing down.

There are currently over 85 degraders being considered at various stages of development, both preclinical and clinical, as well as in discovery. However, key questions are yet to be answered:

  • How will degrader research translate in the clinic?
  • Why are we still struggling with oral bioavailability?
  • How can we effectively validate novel targets and degrade ‘undruggable’ targets of interest?
  • What can be learned from the new, emerging degrader strategies that are emerging?

Once again bringing together leaders from pharma, biotech and academia as well as innovative service providers, the North American Protein Degradation Congress is back to give you the full picture from molecular biology right the way up to the latest in medicinal chemistry and clinical data.

Learn to create clinically applicable degraders to the entire proteome at the digital North American Protein Degradation Congress 2021.