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27-Apr-2021 - 28-Apr-2021

Online Course: The Multi-Channel Patient Engagement Course by Lara Brum & Livia Dobes

Learn how to engage patients with multi-channel disease awareness / patient activation campaigns – Know how to support patients in their therapy with multi-stakeholder / multi-channel patient adherence programmes – Be able to measure success and impact on the critical success factors of a patient-centric organisation.

Why You Should Attend

Patient Centricity is the next big wave in pharma and cuts across multiple functions. The core value of this course is that it teaches hands-on methodologies that are backed up by patient research findings and that use digital multi-channel tactics to activate patients and to support them in their therapy.

The Multi-Channel Patient Engagement Course is the only available public training course delivered by Lara and Livia on the topic of patient-centric multi-channel marketing.