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04-Mar-2021 - 05-Mar-2021

Online Course: The Pharma Forecasting Course by Gary Johnson

Learn the evidence-based concepts, models and techniques that work best to forecast the sales of pharmaceuticals – Know how to build Market Access into your forecasts – Learn to distinguish reliable from bad forecasts and how to forecast cost-effectively – Get practice with an Excel-based forecasting tool that integrates all the techniques taught.

Why You Should Attend

With every major business decision in pharma being based on a sales forecast, it is imperative that you know how to forecast (and challenge forecasts) accurately. Therefore, the focus of this course is on teaching the concepts, techniques and approaches which have been proven to work best for pharmaceuticals. 

The Content: Unlike other forecasting courses, this programme teaches a multitude of modelling techniques and how to combine them in order to generate the most accurate results, as opposed to focusing on one single complex model. It is also pharma specific, meaning issues like market access are taken into account.

The Expert: Gary Johnson is Europe's most respected pharma forecasting & pricing expert and has authored the industry’s most authoritative books on pharma forecasting and pricing. His specialist consultancy, Inpharmation, has been involved in forecasting and/or pricing around half of the new molecular entity launches over the past five years. 
Gary has trained 1000s of executives around the world. His presentations are constantly tweaked according to delegate feedback. They have thus evolved over the years so they are easy to understand and consistently get very high customer feedback scores. 

The Pharma Forecasting Course is the only available public training course delivered by Gary Johnson on the topic of pharma sales forecasting.