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11-Feb-2021 - 12-Feb-2021

Online Course: The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course by Jan Keuppens & Vladimir Rogiers

Learn how to design a digital marketing strategy for your brand, therapeutic area or company that integrates into the whole marketing mix – Grasp the full power and trends of all digital tactics in pharma – Learn how, and when, to select the appropriate tactics, optimise the mix and how to measure their business impact.

Why You Should Attend

The Content: This course not only provides you with an explanation behind concepts, tactics and trends, but more importantly, it discusses the integration of digital in the overall business strategy and marketing plans. The course also examines the perspective of the customer and other stakeholders and uses multiple, real, best-practice cases to bring the theory to life.

The Expert: Our experts, Vladimir Rogiers and Jan Keuppens, not only have international experience in digital marketing but also have built up a very strong reputation within the international digital community as high-impact consultants and trainers.

The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course is the only available public training course delivered by Vladimir Rogiers and Jan Keuppens on the topic of digital pharma marketing.